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Hi there!

Thank you for stopping by blog and taking a small interest in who I am. What can I say about myself?
I started this blog in October 2010 because I've become increasingly interested in beauty products, beauty trends, and the art of makeup.
In the summer of 2008, when I discovered the tips and tricks of makeup on the Youtube community, my face has never looked the same, lol, seriously! I've always been a plain, boring, natural-looking face...Not that there is anything wrong with that but sometimes change is good. I was amazed and fascinated by these young women for sharing their beauty secrets and talents. I found so much inspiration and rekindled by love for Art under a new medium.
My passion for Art started when I was a little child by watching Japanese anime and cartoons. I used to sketch my favorite characters. From then till now, my artistic interests have varied from sketching to painting, fashion design, arts & crafts, creative writing, poetry, photography, makeup, and nail art. People who knew me always believed I should or would be in a career that involved Art. Well, what do ya know? I ended up doing medical billing. Perhaps, I should reconsider my career options.
I think makeup is a lot of fun. It can definitely change mood and create personality to a face. It's a fun way to express yourself and get in touch with your creative side. Unfortunately, it can be misinterpreted or misunderstood by those who are closed-minded or ignorant...But for those who understand and appreciate it, it's such a breath of fresh air.
If you are one of those who appreciate the art of makeup and the beauty it can create, I hope you find my blog helpful and inspirational. I always try to do my best.
On a more personal note, I am a single mother of three. My kids are all in their teens already! I live in the coldest state of the USA, aka Wisconsin. I love traveling, food, movies, spending time with family, and the simple things in life. My biggest indulgences are shopping, makeup, chocolate, sushi, jewelries, and shoes.

PLEASE NOTE: All contents and watermarked pictures on this blog were written and produced by myself unless stated otherwise. If you would like to share my pictures with others, for non-profit purpose only, you may use them as long as you provide a link back to my blog. However, if you plan to use them for profitable reasons, my permission will be required and I'm willing to negotiate. I've spend money, time, and effort on equipment, products, so that I can produce quality images. 
Please have some respect and consideration and do not cut, alter, remove my watermark, or change any of my blog images in any fashion. Stealing and using images without giving credit to the owner and receiving proper authorization is immoral, wrong, and unlawful. You could be fined, prosecuted, and get a bad rep so think twice before you do it. 

Have a question? Inquiry? Wanna know more about me, my blog, a product that I reviewed? What I do? How I do? I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability. If you wish to contact me for whatever reason, feel free to email me at or just drop me a comment.

PS: I have a photography blog too! If photography is something that interest you or if you are just curious about what I do, please don't hesitate to take a look

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