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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NYC Expert Last Lipstick Swatch and Review - Forever Fuchsia, Blue Rose, and Berry Me


I'm so excited for this review because these are new lipsticks that recently launched and I first spotted them at K-Mart so I decided to snag 3 of them.


  • There isn't really anything special about the packaging. The color of the tube suppose to represent the color of the lipstick. Unfortunately, you can't twist the lipstick all the way down so you always have to be careful when removing and replacing the clear cap. The only thing I liked about the clear cap is that you can actually see the color of the lipstick before you buy but that doesn't always help as we all know that what you see isn't always what you get. At least you get an idea.
  • .11 oz or 3.2 g


  • Forever Fuchsia is one of the brightest blue pink I own. It sort of looks neon. Depending on the shade, sometimes they can look very clownish and barbie-like on my skin tone but this one looks good on me I think. 
  • Blue Rose is more like a fuchsia to me but it also has strong blue shimmer to it. Love it! It's similar to MAC Violetta but pinker. 
  • Berry Me is a rose mauve with a slight brown undertone. The first two colors are loud and fun but this is the most wearable shade out of the three. 
  • The formula is fairly pigmented and the color pay off is buildable. You won't get intense color from the first swipe but add 2 or 3 more layers and you can definitely reach opacity without feeling heavy. The formula hugs your lips and doesn't feel slippery but rather light and comfortable, which I like. I didn't find it very moisturizing but it wasn't drying either so as long as you're wearing a lip balm underneath, you should be fine.
  • They applied evenly and the finish is a bit of shimmery and frosty with Blue Rose and Berry Me but in spite of that, it don't think it's a deal breaker either. Forever Fuchsia had some slight shimmer in it but it appears more like a cream finish. 
  • They last up to 5 hours and have some staining power but they tend to fade rather unevenly. 
  • They have a sweet marshmallow scent. I didn't find it overpowering or obnoxious and the scent doesn't linger.

Final Thought

The formula has minor flaws but overall I mostly enjoyed them and they deliver buildable color payoff,are light-weight, and long-lasting. Even though the packaging isn't the best, I still find them more appealing than their previous lipstick collections. Really not too shabby for the price! Worth a try for those who look for an affordable good lipstick without breaking the bank.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $1.99
Availability: K-Mart


  1. not a fan of duochromed lipsticks, but I am very impressed with the pigmentation! Im probably leaning more to Berry Me

    1. I love all these shades but I definitely wear Berry Me a little more since it's more office friendly.The others I'd wear on my days off.

  2. They sound like great cheap lippies!! I love blue.rose and berry me! I promise to wear more berry and pink year!

    1. Yes they are rather nice for such an affordable price.

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