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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

So for a while my skin had been behaving and then lately, I was getting the occasional pimple that surfaced, which gave me an opportunity to test out the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and see how it performs. My daughter on the other hand has been using this like almost every day.

What Mario Badescu says about the Drying Lotion:

The Drying Lotion is a fast acting, effective acne spot treatment. Formulated with salicylic acid, calamine and other quick-drying ingredients, this product will shrink ugly whiteheads virtually overnight while you sleep. While other acne spot treatments can irritate and dry delicate or sensitive skin, this product is safe and effective for all skin types.

HOW TO USE: Before bed, after cleansing, toning and moisturizing apply a dab of lotion directly on the whitehead using a cotton swab. Do not rub in. Let it dry and rinse off in the morning. DO NOT shake the bottle and apply only the pink sediment on the skin.

BEAUTY TIP: Great for back acne and breakouts on the chest. The Drying Lotion will also take the itch out of mosquito bites fast!

INGREDIENTS: Isopropyl Alcohol,Deionized Water (Aqua), Calamine, Camphor,Colloidal Sulfur, Salicylic Acid,Glycerine, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Talc

  • It comes in either a plastic or glass container but my daughter decided to opt for the plastic container because she's such a klutz. 
  • 1 oz or 29 ml

  • So as you can see from the picture below, there is a liquidy part and a solid part at the bottom of the bottle and you are not supposed to shake the bottle but instead only use a cotton swab and dip it to pick up the pink stuff. Once you get some of that, you apply it to your trouble spots and let it dry and sit on your skin overnight. It may sting a little if your skin is ruptured but it's not unbearable. 
  • The next day after application, I noticed a significant reduction in redness and it completely got rid of the inflammation. It looks like my pimple shrunk in half. I've noticed that when using the drying lotion, my pimple healed twice as fast and the scar is less visible than when I didn't use it. 
  • It does have a strong smell to it but doesn't smell bad and the scent doesn't linger. 

Final Thought

Finally! I found a product that works for me and that I can see a significant change and quick result. The only inconvenience is that you can only use it at night or when you are home because you will be left with an obvious white paste where you applied the product. I'm ok with that cause it really helped promote quicker healing and less scarring.

Rating: 9/10

Price: $17.00
Availability: Ulta


  1. Sounds like a great short term solution for those small pesky blemishes we all get and I can see how this would be so popular with preteens, teens and ladies suffering from breakouts! We all need something like this handy! I'm very interested to try other skincare products in their line!

    1. Yes for those who suffer the occasional breakout this is a must have spot treatment

  2. I've never heard a bad word about this spot treatment so I'll be purchasing once I've finished up my current ones.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. It tried a few different spot spot treatment and they didnt do much at all. This one made a big difference

  3. I've tried a korean brand version and had the hardest time removing it in the mornings.
    Is it the same with the Mario Badescu version?
    If it isn't, I need to get my hands on a bottom ASAP!

  4. It comes off in the morning as I wash my face. I rub some cleanser for a couple minutes. Rinse off and it's gone. It doesn't take a lot to get it off so I think you'll like it


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