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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy Hair Elixir Review

I picked up this new hair product at CVS a couple weeks ago and I was very curious to try it. I like to use oil, serums, or conditioning treatment after I wash my hair because it helps making my hair feel softer and more manageable. 

  • I love the bright orange tear-drop shape of the bottle. I think that's what first attracted me to the product.
  • It comes with a pump for easy dispensing. 
  • 5 oz or 150 ml

  • So at first I thought it was going to be an oil treatment because it says Marvelous Oil but when I got a feel for the product, it feels more like a serum. It's light, very silky and slippery at first, and absorbs quickly. 
  • It contains amla and jojoba oil and suppose to smooth and tame frizzy hair.
  • According to the label, you can use this hair serum 5 different ways. 
    • You can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment. Apply to wet or dry hair before shampooing. 
    • You can use it as a conditioner booster. Add a couple drops with your hair conditioner. 
    • You can use it as a blow-dry accelerator. Apply it to damp hair before blow drying. 
    • You can use it as a Ends Finisher, meaning applying to the ends of your hair to smooth split ends and prevent flyaways. 
    • You can use it as an overnight leave-in treatment.
  • Some of these different ways of use overlap if you think about it. What I normally do is apply two pumps to damp hair, particularly at the ends. And then one pump, lightly around the crown of my head. Comb through and then blow dry using a low heat setting. I don't have much hair so my hair dries fairly quickly but I do feel that this helps dry my hair just a bit quicker. 
  • Once dry, my hair feels soft and manageable. It gives it a bit of shine without looking oily and because of its lightweight feel, it doesn't weight down my hair which is really nice because some serum tend to make my hair flat but this one doesn't. My hair feels airy and light when I use this serum. I have slightly frizzy hair and this product helps smooth them out but if you want pin straight hair, you'd still need to use a straightener. 
  • It has a subtle fruity scent. Kinda smells like melons. 

Final Thought

Overall, I really like this. I love the silky feeling of the serum. It delivers soft, smooth hair, with a bit of shine and doesn't weight it down. It has a nice fruity scent that isn't overwhelming.

Rating: 10/10

Price: $5.99
Availability: CVS


  1. Woah that's a great review! :D
    I was looking at this product in my local drugstore the other day but didn't buy it because I was worried that it would make my hair look flat. But I might give it a try now! ^_^

    1. Yes, it's better than I expected. I really do like how it doesn't weigh down my hair, yet still give me a nice shine.


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