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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pinky Paradise Haul - Color Contacts Pictures and Review

Hey everyone!

These past few days have been brutal. I don't think I've ever experienced this kind of cold in my life. It was so cold that you could toss a cup of hot water in mid-air and watch it turn into snow.

Check out this video and see it unfold

Anyways, because of that I had some car trouble. In spite of replacing a brand new battery and having my oil changed very recently, my old car wouldn't start unless it gets a jump. My boss pretty much came to pick me up on Monday because we had reports that were due, some people were out sick, and they just can't afford for me not to come in. Despite of the effort, things just kept running downhill from there. It has been a discouraging and depressing week. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Today, I just wanted to share with you contacts lenses that I purchased through PinkyParadise during their Black Friday sale. The sale was pretty good and I couldn't pass up the deal, they were like 50% off. I received them over a week ago so had the chance to wear them a few times already.

You will receive a free cute and colorful animal contact case with each pair of contacts you order.

EOS Pop C Dark Blue ($19.90, Black Friday sale was $9.95)

EOS Pop C Dark Blue is the perfect blue contacts for me. I am not a huge fan of blue contacts but I really like these because it's a deep sapphire blue. The color is subtle and it blends really well with my natural eye color (dark brown) but if you take a good look, you can definitely see that the contacts are blue. I think it looks stunning on light blue eyes too because it give the eyes more depths and oomph!
The diameter is 14.5 mm, which has a pretty good enlargement effect. Personally, they fit on my eyes very well, don't look alien, don't move around, and feel pretty comfortable.

G&G Big DM 23 Green ($25.90, Black Friday sale was $12.95)

G&G Big DM 23 Green is a gorgeous emerald green colored contacts. I'm a huge fan of jewel tone colors so being able to wear them on my eyes just gets me even more excited. I like the design of the lens and along with the gorgeous color it really make my eyes pop. This is by far my favorite green contacts I've tried.
Diameter is 14.5 mm. They fit well, don't look alien, don't move around, and are comfortable.

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown ($23.90, Black Friday sale was $11.95)

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown has a nice warm brown color that makes my eyes look a little more glowy. The transition between the dark color and the light color is actually smoother in person and give my eyes more depth and dimension. The enlargement is pretty big. I mean this is a 15 mm enlargement and at first I had trouble getting them in because I am not used to contacts this huge but I just needed to make sure my eyes are opened wider when inserting them. In spite of the size, they are also very comfortable, blend well, and don't move around. I would prefer them smaller but I like the fact that they stand out without looking freaky.

I am a contact wearer for a long time so my eyes didn't have any problem adjusting to them and since I don't have dry eyes, I am able to wear them for more than 12 hours without feeling any discomfort. These circle lens can be used for up to 1 year.

So far, I am pretty happy with this haul. I love the colors and design of the contacts and I'm pretty happy with how comfortable they are. Shipping and handling was $9.00 for this order, which I think is a bit high for global mail. Took about 4 weeks to arrive from the time I placed my order. They have other shipping option if you want them quicker but I can imagine how much more that would cost.

Anyways, PinkyParadise is a good and reliable place to get your contacts from and they also have a very huge selection of many different designs and colors. Currently, they have a 20% off sale on all their contacts and the offer is good till January 12th so it's a good time to take advantage of the discount to try a few.

Which are your favorite contact lenses? Is there any you would recommend for me?


  1. Great post!! You look good with all of them, but my favorite is the green one! The color is so strong!

    1. Thank you. The green one really nice. I love the strong color and the design is nice too.

  2. These all look great! The jade green ones are especially pretty. Sorry to hear that your week was so sucky, I hope next week will be much better for you.

    1. Our reports are due first week of the month and it doesn't help if we have staff off, bad weather, system issue, and everything else happening at the same time. Don't know if we're having a full moon but seems like everyone's been getting on my case, lol. Every where I turn there's a problem. Anyways...yes hopefully things settle down next week

  3. Omg those look great! :D Literally all three of them are amazing! :D

    1. Thank you. I'm so tempted to order more because of the sale and I keep telling myself come on you don't need that bad! Arghhhh self control is so hard when there's a sale it makes me restless lol

  4. I really like the green and brown ones, I totally want to buy some hazel and green colored lenses this year! I used to wear a lot of colored lenses but I bought almost all my lenses from one brand in the past! Time to try new brands!

    1. I find it always fun to try new ones. I'm not so much inclined to a particular brand. The design,color, comfort, and price would be the selling point for me.

  5. I think they all look great on you, especially the blue and green ones! I have always wanted to try on blue contacts but I am so freaked about trying on contacts.

    1. If you've never worn contacts or colored contacts, it will take a while for your eyes to adjust to them. If you need prescription then you definitely have to make sure get the correct lens prescription from an eye doctor before ordering as lens prescription are different from glass prescription. Contacts are higher maintenance because you have to handle them with extra care, sanitize your contact cases, and always wash your hands to reduce your chances of getting an infection. If you're comfortable with touching your eye ball then you shouldn't have any problem with trying them on :) all you'll need is practice. The first time I tried to put them on, it took me like 45 minutes, lol. After that got the hang of it, it just takes a few seconds.


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