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Monday, February 24, 2014

Revlon Limited Edition Vintage Super Lustrous Lipsticks Swatch and Review - Icy Violet and Snow Peach

So I've been dying to find the new Spring 2014 Limited Edition Maybelline Color Tattoos and for that reason I've been stalking Walgreens periodically but with no luck. Meanwhile, while I was browsing through the store, I did spot the Vintage Super Lustrous Collection. I decided to pick just two of them. They were also on BOGO at the time. 

Revlon decided to bring back 5 discontinued iconic shades but only for a limited time and perhaps quantity as well. I only saw 2 lipsticks per shade on the display so if you are interested in any of them, get them before they're gone. On the flip side, they are probably not the most unique lip colors out there so even if you can't find them, don't be sad I'm sure there are dupes for them. 

  • Considering that they are limited edition, it would have been cooler if they came in a limited edition packaging but nope, they look no different than any other Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks.
  • .15 oz or 4.2 g


  • Snow Peach, originally launched in 1956, check out the video below. How ironic that the commercial is in black an white for such a bright and colorful shade. I think it would have been cool if they also re-released the same packaging too, which to me looks like a million bucks on the video. 
  • It's a bright peachy pink with a cream finish. It doesn't look that bright on the picture but when I saw it on myself in natural daylight, it certainly was. The color payoff was good but I noticed that the formula tends to cling and highlight dry areas. It feels creamy and is a bit hydrating but it doesn't look as smooth on the lips if your lips are dry and flaky. I get and average of about 4 hours of wear. 

  • Icy Violet, released in 1946, is a mauvy purple-ish brown with a frosty finish. In spite of the frostiness of this lipstick I find this color quite pretty and wearable as well. It has a fairly good color pay off but you'd have to layer it a couple times in order to intensify the color. The formula feels creamy, buttery, and slightly moisturizing. The color last about 4 hours on me. 

Final Thought

The Super Lustrous line is one of my favorite drugstore lipsticks and although the formula slightly varies from one color to another I found these two creamy and buttery in texture. They also wear comfortably and feel somewhat hydrating for for up to 4 hours. I also love the fact that these lipsticks are unscented.

Rating: 9/10

Price: $8.29
Availability: Walgreens

Taking Advantage of That Finger Paints BOGO Sale...Again With Preview Swatches

Hi yall! It had been a long and dreadful Monday. First thing I did when I got home is pass out. I was tired and just not feeling well. My head hurts and now I'm starving cause I didn't eat anything yet. Sorry for the late post. Usually if you see them up this late is because I had to take an emergency nap.

Finger Paints sale, buy one get one free, is still available until the end of February at Sally Beauty Supply. They are $4.49 each with the Sally Beauty Card so with the sale it's like getting one for $2.25, which is a steal! I went back to see what else I should get. There were some colors that were sold out and the clerk told me that they will be restocking on Tuesday because that's when they get their shipment. So with that said, looks like I will need to go back there one more time when they restock.

I also spotted the Sea Goddess collection from China Glaze. Seahorsin' Around is the only one I picked up and it's a sparkly aqua blue textured polish with teal and gold shimmers.

I picked up the last bottle of Chromatic Creation and it's a silvery holographic nail polish, giving you a linear holo. I wished the rainbow of color looked more vibrant.

Anyways, I broke a couple nails so it will be a while until I get to show you the swatches on my fingers. I figured I should probably still show you some sort of swatches so you can decide if you want any of these before the sale is over.

If you missed my previous Finger Paints haul and swatches, you can click HERE to view.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wet N Wild The Style Award Goes To Collection...Eyeshadow Palettes Review and Swatches - Walking On The Red Carpet and Flirting At The After Party

A few days ago I was shopping at Walgreens and I spotted this new limited edition collection from Wet N Wild. I was debating long and hard on whether I should get these palettes or not so eventually I went ahead and grabbed them both.


  • 8 pan eyeshadow palette. I really like the size of these palettes and I like that clear cover that allows me to see the colors inside. They have a decent amount of products and they are easy to travel with. The packaging is a bit cheap and can potentially break if you drop it.
  • .3 oz or 8.5 g

Walking On The Red Carpet

  1. dark cool toned brown, semi matte with subtle shimmers. Texture is dry but pigmentation is average.
  2. light shimmery brown taupe. The texture is smooth but the pigmentation is lacking and sheer.
  3. very light pale khaki with soft shimmers.The texture is smooth but the pigmentation is lacking and sheer. This color doesn't have much contrast at all on my skin tone. It just blends right in.
  4. a matte and very pale pink that looks more white than pink on the skin. Soft texture and average pigmentation. A bit powdery. 
  5. medium shimmery yellow tone brown with sparkling gold shimmers. It's a bit powdery and dry but it has good pigmentation. Probably the only shade that I find worth paying for in this palette and I don't think I have a dupe for it either.
  6. Shimmery warm gold. The texture is smooth but pigmentation is sheer. 
  7. Shimmery and flaky, brighter, and yellower gold. Lots of fall out with this color. It's really a pain to apply without getting it everywhere. It's a bummer because I actually like the sparkling effect it has on the eyes. Pigmentation is alright, could be better if it wasn't so flaky. 
  8. Pale white with soft shimmers. It's very sheer.
Overall, I'm rather disappointed with this palette because most of these shades suffer from lack of pigmentation. Even a primer doesn't do much at helpin them stand out. My only consolation is that I love shade #5. It's quite a stunner. They last about 6 hours before I notice signs of fading. 

Rating: 7/10

Price: 5.29
Availability: Walgreens

swatches were done without primer. I had to do at least 3 swipes to get them to show decently

#6 on the inner corner, #3 at center of the lid, #5 at the outer V, #2 on the crease, #8 on brow bone

#7 on the lid, #5 on outer V and crease, # 8 on brow bone

#6 on eyelid, #2 on the crease, #1 on the outer V, and #4 on brow bone

Flirting At The After Party

  1. medium shimmery greyish purple. It's such a gorgeous purple but the pigmentation is just average and I have trouble getting it to show up when using a brush. It looks better when I apply and pat it on with my finger.
  2. medium blueish lavender with a matte finish. It's soft but a bit dry and powdery and the pigmentation is alright though it doesn't really work when blended out on the crease.
  3. medium grey with purple undertone. It has a matte finish with subtle very tiny sparkling silver shimmers. It feels soft but again dry and powdery and looks muddy when blended out.
  4. pale white with subtle shimmers and pink undertone. Texture is a bit dry and pigmentation is sheer.
  5. medium shimmery greyish purple. Very similar to color#1. It's just slightly darker and less shimmery. It's soft and powdery. Looks muddy when blended and I also prefer to use my finger to apply and pat on the color on for a better color pay off.
  6. light purple with pink undertone and very subtle sheen. Almost appear matte. It's a lovely color that suffers from lack of pigmentation.
  7. pinkish purple with a matte finish. I love the color but the pigmentation leaves something to be desired. It has a soft texture but again it's powdery and fades when blended. 
  8. sheer and shimmery iridescent light pink. That's a cool color but it's sheer and only at certain angle where the light hits that you can see the color. 
Overall, I love the colors though some of them look a bit similar to another. Pigmentation is lacking and they just don't work when blended because they are already sheer to begin with. They last about 6 hours with a primer. Also I prefer to use my finger rather than a brush when applying some of them on my lids. So yes, I'm also disappointed with this palette. 

Rating: 6/10

Price: 5.29
Availability: Walgreens

I really wanted to love these palettes and I was really hoping that they would be better but and lately I have not seen any new Wet N Wild eyeshadows that impressed me. Do you feel the same or is it just me? Are there any newer Wet N Wild palette/eyeshadows that you've been loving?

Swiped at least 3 times without a primer

#1 on the lid (I had to use my finger), #3 on the crease, #4 on the brow bone

#6 on the lid, #7 on the crease, #5 on the outer V, and #8 on the brow bone

#5 on the lid, #7 on the crease

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OPI Next Stop,,,The Bikini Zone - Swatch

Is it Friday yet? I'm feeling burned out already. Boss is going to treat us to lunch on Friday for employee yeahhh! That is cool!

Another nail polish I picked up from Sally Beauty is this new OPI nail polish from the Brazil Collection. I find the collection rather underwhelming. This is the only one I felt worthy to pick up. Next Stop...The Bikini I thought the name was a bit lame...but that's ok because the polish itself is gorgeous. It has a soft duochrome quality that shifts from a shimmery pale lilac to silvery pewter. It also has some very fine gold sparkles. It is much more beautiful in person. The pictures doesn't do it justice. The formula is a bit thin and sheer but can be build up to opacity in 3 coats.

I am tempted to go back to Sally to check out what other Finger Paints I might need since the BOGO sale is still going.

Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil Review

The temperature is rising and it feels WARM! Lot of snow have melted. I love that but that will be short lived. Winter is not over yet because the temp is coming back down by this weekend. BOOO! Aside from that, there's is something wrong with the heating and vent at work and we are literally roasting in the office. I just got done with my procedure arm hurts from typing and editing, I'm tired as hell, and since the office feels like an oven, it's been hard trying to stay awake, especially after lunch., I want to introduce you to something that melts makeup :)

  • I like the clear green packaging. It looks calming and refreshing. The bottle comes with a pump, which is always nice but I find this particular pump hard to control. It tends to squirt out more product than I need. 
  • 6.4 oz or 190 ml

  • One pump is enough to cleanse my entire face. Apply it to dry skin and massage for a minute or two. Then rinse with warm water. 
  • The cleansing oil emulsify and looks milky and creamy as it rinses off. 
  • I find this oil to be a bit thick and still leaves a slippery feeling on my face which I don't really like. It is best paired with a wash cloth or another cleanser to effectively get it off. 
  • For the most part it does a good job at removing my face makeup and is gentle on the skin though I would use a separate makeup remover for my eyes. I really love using it for removing make up swatches. It makes the job so much easier, particularly with products that stains.
  • The scent is clean, fresh, and not overwhelming.

Final Thought

If you suffer from dry skin, I think you might enjoy this cleanser for its gentleness and effectiveness at removing makeup. You will need a wash cloth or another gentle cleanser in order to completely get it off as rinsing alone doesn't seem to do the trick. I'm on the fence with this one. I don't love it and probably because it requires an extra step or another product but at the same time, it does what it's supposed to do.

Rating: 9/10

Price: $15.00
Availability: Sephora

Monday, February 17, 2014

Finger Paints BOGO Haul and Swatches - Rockin' Renaissance, Gorgeous Graffiti, Magenta Mural, and Surreal Sunset

Happy Monday!

We got more snow today...Ughhh! The roads were pretty bad and my car almost got stuck but I managed to make it home safely. I just saw these comments below about this Revlon Matte Balm swatch that someone repinned into their board on Pinterest and I was like REALLY? Does it bother you that much that I have a mole? Yes, it's a mole people! Love it or hate it, it's mine so why should it even matter to you? Educate yourself if you can't tell the difference between a mole and herpes. It's been with me since childhood. And now that we're on the topic, I just want to say RELAX! it is non-cancerous, even if it freaks you out. I feel the need to reassure you since a little while ago someone actually politely suggested on my blog that I go see a physician because my mole was concerning to them. Heck, I work at a clinic. I see physicians all the time. None of the experts raised the alarm but I suppose the reality is not everybody knows what a mole is or what it looks like :(
I love my mole even if you don't. It's harmless and I wouldn't think of removing it...or photoshopping it as someone suggested. OK, now that I got that off my chest, I just want to say I'm ok and my feelings aren't hurt. I just didn't want people to be concerned or misdiagnose my lovely mole for something it isn't. I guess I'm confused because it looks perfectly normal to me. And lastly, I feel terribly sorry for those who shamelessly display their ignorance and lack of brain. I will pray for them people tonight.

Ok ok...I stop right now. I'm done with the mole thing....

In case you didn't know, Finger Paints nail polishes are on sale, buy 1 get 1 free, at Sally Beauty Supply through out the month of February. This is a big deal ya know. I was there a couple days ago and my oh my! I couldn't help myself when I saw these beautiful polishes. The sale is perfect for my budget so I pick up these 4 beauties.

Rockin' Renaissance is a mauvy purpleish brown textured polish with gold glitters. It's stunning and very textured. I would have liked it better if the texture was a bit smoother. The formula is thick and a bit difficult to spread out evenly and dries fairly quickly. You only need 2 coats for full coverage.

With a clear top coat

Gorgeous Graffiti is a bright fuchsia/magenta with fine blue shimmers. The formula is not too thin or too thick and applies very nicely. You can get full coverage in 2 coats but personally I like it better with 3 coats, which is what I have on the swatches. It dries to a somewhat matte finish and fairly quickly.

A clear coat gives the shimmers more depth and dimension

Magenta Mural is a mauvy magenta purple very subtle and fine pink shimmers giving it that gorgeous satin finish. So beautiful! As many purple as I have in my collection, I have nothing like it. It's so shiny and I'm not even wearing a top coat. The formula is a bit thick but manageable. Only two coats is needed for full coverage. It's right on trend with the color of the year so just get it! You'll love it.

As I was staring at the Finger Paints rack, I spotted the last of this color and as I picked it up I was like wow, what a fabulous duochrome! Surreal Sunset is very shimmery and sparkly. It shifts from brownish purple to a greenish bronze. The color shift is very strong and beautiful. I didn't have any trouble with the formula, it is a bit thin and sheer but can be build up to full coverage in 3 coats.

Did you already pick up some Finger Paints? If yes, which ones did you get?

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