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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Femme Couture Eternal Intense Silky Shadow Color Aquamarine - Swatch and Review

A couple weeks ago I was at Sally Beauty Supply and noticed these new eyeshadows from Femme Couture. There was 8 shades in total but Aquamarine is the one that stood out of the pack.


  • Aquamarine is a very frosty shimmery light silver blue with teal shimmer sparkles. The moment I saw it I was like wow I likey! I take home! 
  • I anticipated that the formula would be similar to the Infallible eyeshadows, given the way it was packaged. It feels creamy and buttery when I touch it but it goes from creamy to powder as I swatch. 
  • The pigmentation is a bit sheer and can be build up to a medium coverage. You can wear it alone for a soft sparkling glow or you can wear it over a colored base for a more intense color. It can be applied wet for a better color pay off. 
  • It definitely needs a primer or base in order to keep the pigments in place. It is a bit loose and flaky so you want to just pat it when applying.
  • I get a bout 8 hours of wear with a primer without creasing. As long as you're not touching or rubbing your eyes, the fading it minimal.   

Final Thought

I like the color. Not sure if I have a dupe for it. I don't think it's the kind of color you'll see often. I like the creamy texture but I wished it was more pigmented. I don't mind working with it though. It definitely looks better over a colored base.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $6.99
Availability: Sally Beauty Supply

Left was swatched dry. Right was swatched wet

From left to right, Aquamarine was swatched over a brown cream shadow, a teal cream shadow, and a black cream shadow
I am wearing here Aquamarine over a dark grey colored base


  1. The other colors are much more pigmented. This one is so stinking pretty though I forgave it for being sheer. They are a lot drier than the infallibles.. I had an issue with one falling out of the pot when I went to swatch it and it was so weird. It kept it's shape until you touched it, then it turned to dust, but if you pressed on it it would solidify again. I tried for about ten minutes to pick it up and finally just gave up, swept all I could into the container, and wiped/washed the rest away.

    1. Yeah it's weird how it just flakes off. I would suggest using your finger to apply them or a sponge tip applicator and just pat it on.

  2. That;s a gorgeous color! Can't think of anything similar that I've seen...I like the way you can swatch it over other shadows.

    1. Thanks. It looks better layered since it's sheer on its own.


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