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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Revlon Sassy Nail Polish Swatch

Can I call this a chartreuse green due to its yellow undertone or would you say it's a lime green? LOL. I feel that this color is kind of in between. I know I'm horrible at describing colors so bare with me. Thankfully, I can let the picture do the talking when I'm in doubt.
I found the consistency of this polish a bit thick. With that said, it helps making the color looks more opaque. The first coat isn't quite evenly distributed and a bit streaky so I would suggest that you do a thin coat first. For the second coat, do a medium coat but work quickly when spreading the color so that you don't leave more streaks behind. This polish seems to want to dry fast. Not the easiest polish to work with but still workable when done right. Or perhaps, I should add a couple drops of nail polish thinner to thin the consistency a bit.  For some reason, I get a little bit of bubbling with this shade.
This is a fun color for the summertime or if you just want something bright to brigthen up your day. This is a creme finish.

Would you sport this color on your nails?


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