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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Milani Jewel FX Red

Happy Valentine's day to all you lovely people. Not sure if you guys are busy getting your groove on lol...but I'll be here blogging as usual. If it seems like I am on a roll with nail polish spams, I sure am! LOL. I need to get these swatches going so I can move on to new things!

Here's another glitter polish Milani added to their Jewel FX line. This is just a plain and simple red glitter in a clear base. The glitters are large. Again like the other Milani glitters, I have to move the glitters around and position them where I want before the clear base dries.
So far I have spotted these new Milani polishes at CVS, K-Mart, and Walgreens. I can't wait to see more Milani products.
I wonder what base color I should pair this red glitter with. I have so many polishes that I need to swatch and post that I haven't really worn a manicure for a while now.
Again, please don't mind my nail polish spams. I'm still staring at that box of untried and unswatched...ughhh.

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