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Monday, February 13, 2012

NYX Single Eyeshadow Swatches

I'm happy to say that my infected eye has improved and the redness significantly decreased today so I don't have to go to work tomorrow looking sick. I still have to continue using the drops for a few more days. Aside from that I was going through my stuff yesterday because I finally decided that it was time I depot my single eyeshadows into the Z Palettes I have bought way back last Black Friday. Well guess what, that didn't happen, lol, because I realized that I haven't posted these NYX eyeshadows. I'm gonna have to do that before I depot them.

FYI, all swatches were done without using a primer.

From left to right:
  • Lime Juice - light shimmery green with pronounced yellow undertone. Medium color pay off.
  • Earthy Shimmer - frosty/shimmery pale green with fine silver glitters and a cool undertone. Medium color pay off. This one feels a little chalky.
  • Yellow Pearl - light pearly yellow. Sheer.

  • Top left: Golden Amber. Very pigmented matte dark brown with very fine gold glitters.
  • Top right: Smokie Mountain. Very pigmented matte dark green with very fine gold glitters.
  • Bottom left: Iced Mocha. Shimmery medium taupe. One of my all time favorite taupe eyeshadow. It's quite pigmented and buttery too.
  • Bottom right: Yellow. Pale yellow with cool undertone. Semi matte. The texture of this one feels very buttery and nice.

From left to right: Golden Amber, Smokie Mountain, Iced Mocha, Yellow

  • Top left: Cork. Medium shimmery brown with subtle gold shimmers. This is very soft and pigmented.
  • Top right: Atlantic. A medium blue with a subtle sheen. Color pay off is medium.
  • Bottom left: Seafoam Green. I think the name is pretty spot on. This shadow is shimmery and a bit chalky. Color pay off is medium.
  • Bottom right: Highlight. Very pigmented and smooth and great for highlighting. Has a yellow undertone and very subtle sheen.

From left to right: Cork, Atlantic, Seafoam Green, Highlight

My overall thoughts on these NYX eyeshadows:
  • NYX single eyeshadows come in a few different finishes. I'd recommend to stay away from the glitter single eyeshadow because I had one and the fall out were a nightmare.
  • Some of these eyeshadows are a little too soft and can break easily. I've had a couple of them fall apart on me already.
  • Most of them have a pretty good color payoff (depending on the shade) and are quite easy to blend.
  • They last well throughout the day when I wear them with a primer.
  • They are pretty affordable and have a large color selection to choose from.
  • Having a lot of these can take up space with the packaging. I'm going to depot them so that they are easier for storage and easier to reach.

In case you were curious, here is my messy stash of single eyeshadows. See why I dread using my single eyeshadows? Just having to dig them out and put them back seems like a chore. The majority of these I have not even reviewed, smh.
By the way, does anyone know if baked eyeshadows can be depotted and how to? I have quite a handfull of them too.
Well that's it for the NYX single eyeshadows that I own. Which one is your favorite?

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