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Friday, December 6, 2013

24 Shades of Berries, Plums, and Purples - Swatches (Pic Heavy)

Hello there beautifuls!

I have for you a very swatch heavy post today and let me tell ya, by the time I was done swatching, I didn't event want to bother with editing the pictures and by the time I got done editing the pictures, I wasn't in the mood to type the post, lol. It was a lot of work and it took me a few days to recoup. I wanted to take some fresh pictures and swatches because the picture quality of my old swatches didn't look so great. However, I will still provide a link or hyperlink if I have done a review or additional swatches on a previous post. If you've been following me for a while, you know that I typically include a full face swatch too (did that even make any sense? lol), again I will link you back to the post that contains the original swatch and review. 

I didn't realize that I had that many shades of berries, purples, and plums until I hatched the idea that I was going to swatch all my lippies in that color family and pull all of them out of my stash. I thought to myself oh boy, you got a lotta work to do! 

I love purples, berries, and plums so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised I have so many. Especially, now that it's fall and going winter. I am really enjoying the looks of them so if you are looking for new shades to try hopefully, this post may be able to assist you. Some of these shades are limited edition and I've debated if I should even bother but because you may still find some of them online, I figured why not. 

Rows from top to bottom, left to right:

1st row: Milani Color Statement Black Cherry, Milani Magenta Madness, Milani Grape-tini, CoverGirl Lip Perfection Entwined

2nd row: Rimmel Lasting Finish 04, Rimmel Moisture Renew Berry Rose, Maybelline Color Whisper A Plum Prospect, Maybelline Color Whisper Berry Ready

3rd row: Revlon Lasting Finish Berry Couture, Revlon Lasting Finish Violet Frenzy, Revlon Lasting Finish Raspberry Bite, Revlon Lasting Finish Va Va Violet

4th row: Kat Von D Foiled Lipstick FTW, Lancome Color Design Pretty Burgundy, MAC Pro Longwear Seasoned Plum, MAC Mattene Night Violet

5th row: MAC Rebel, MAC Up the Amp, MAC Prince Noir, MAC Violetta

From left to right: Revlon Matte Balm Shameless, Jordana Twist & Shine Cranberry Crush, Bite Beauty Quince, OCC Lip Tar Black Dahlia.

MAC Rebel - rich and sultry berry red. For a dupe, view my post HERE.
MAC Up the Amp - reddish purple with grey undertone.
MAC Prince Noir - dark plummy burgundy red.
MAC Violetta - vibrant berry/fuchsia with a blue shimmer

Kat Von D Foiled Lipstick FTW -  brownish raspberry with a subtle frost finish.
Lancome Color Design Pretty Burgundy - plum red with a cream finish
MAC Pro Longwear Seasoned Plum - medium purple with grey undertone with a semi-matte finish
MAC Night Violet - reddish plum with a slight purple undertone and semi-matte finish.

Revlon Lasting Finish Berry Couture - medium cool tone pink with a slight purple undertone and a glossy finish
Revlon Lasting Finish Violet Frenzy - pinkish purple, subtle frost and semi sheer
Revlon Lasting Finish Raspberry Bite - rich berry red with a cream finish. One of the best Revlon color that I own. The formula on this particular shade is excellent!
Revlon Lasting Finish Va Va Violet - vampy dark reddish plum, semi sheer with a glossy finish. The color is so patchy. Wearing a lip liner underneath is highly recommended.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 04 - dark plum with grey undertone and cream finish. 
Rimmel Moisture Renew Berry Rose - muted strawberry pink with a very frosty finish
Maybelline Color Whisper A Plum Prospect - semi sheer berry pink with a glossy finish
Maybelline Color Whisper Berry Ready - reddish raspberry with glossy finish

Milani Black Color Statement Black Cherry - dark cherry red with a cream finish. Very blotchy application. Needs to be layered over a lip liner.
Milani Magenta Madness - Similar to MAC violetta,a berry/fuchsia with blue shimmers. Shimmery finish.
Milani Grape-tini - semi sheer pale raspberry with gold shimmers and glossy finish
CoverGirl Lip Perfection Entwined - medium plum with grey undertone and a cream finish

Revlon Matte Balm Shameless - dark purple with a semi-matte finish
Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain Cranberry Crush - medium raspberry with gloss finish
Bite Beauty Quince - rich berry red with an amazing pigmentation and cream finish.
OCC Black Dahlia - dark reddish plum. 

I'm sure there are some that I either forgot or no longer own but this is the bulk of it. Do you like these shades? Which one is your favorite?

My personal favorites are: 
- Revlon Raspberry Bite
- Revlon Berry Couture
- MAC Rebel
- MAC Seasoned Plum
- MAC Night Violet
- Bite Beauty Quince

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  1. Nice lipsticks and great swatches =)

  2. I personally love the lighter and midtone plums! My favorite and most used berry plum shade is berry smoothie from revlon, anything resembling that shade I will buy without a thought!

    1. I definitely wear the lighter colors more often but I love the darker shades just as much

  3. Great post! I lovee berries and purples myself. I should go digging in my own collection to check out what I"ve got!

    1. Yes! if you could swatch them, it would be awesome too!

  4. So much eye candy! O_O Lipstick related posts are always a favorite for me, and I realise that it must have been SO much work to do all that.
    And those are my favorite shades on top of that awww I love you! : DD Hahah

    1. heheh glad you like the post. I was indeed in incredible amount of work to put these together but I'm still happy that I did it.

  5. Wow, what a lot of beautiful lippies! I think Mac Prince Noir and Bite Beauty Quince are my favorites. :)

    1. I'm thinking of swatching the gloss edition, and the reds...OMG, let's hope I get it done by next week.

  6. you just made me wanna buy soooooo many lipsticks right now lol... your swatches are perfect

  7. I usually stick to nude lips, but I love a deep purple or purply-red once in awhile! A really awesome one I didn't see on here that's just an awesome lipstick in general, but also a drugstore product is Wet N Wild Megalast lip color in Vamp It Up. It's a gorgeous purplish-reddish nearly black color, & is only about $3 at the drugstore! The formula's real nice too, very smooth & not drying like some long wearing lipsticks can be.


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