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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12 hr Wear Waterproof - Swatch and Review

Hello there,

Today feels like a Sunday to me. But that's because I was off work yesterday I suppose. We got more snow this morning, probably 2 or 3 inches so I'm not in the mood to go anywhere. I'm sure the roads are still driveable but slippery. Last week, when we had our first snow, there was a huge car pile up accident here in Wisconsin. They caught the whole thing on camera and I can't believe how fast people were driving under these conditions. It's no wonder that happened. And what disturbed me the most is people were getting out of their cars and walking on the shoulder while other incoming cars where sliding toward them. They say there was like 50 cars involved in this pile up. INSANE! Please take note...If you have the misfortune to be one of these accident, stay in your car and keep your seat belt on. Unless your car blows up in flame, do not get out until highway patrol is there. SMH.

Anyways, I just want every body to be safe. Let's move on to the review.

  • .04 oz pencil with matching color on one end. These need to be sharpened. 

  • Baby Blues - shimmery metallic silvery light blue
  • Roof Top Party - shimmery pewter
  • Surfer Babe - deep teal blue with a slight shimmer
  • Banana Split - matte bright yellow
  • What I really love about these eyeliners is that they are creamy, smooth, and pigmented, but the lighter shade needs a second pass for better color pay off. They glide effortlessly on the skin. I always dread eyeliners that tug and skip so I was very pleased when the application was just perfect. 
  • They claim to be waterproof but I think they are more like water resistant, which is still not bad for me.
  • They also claim to last up to 12 hours and well it didn't quite work out that way for me. The thing is when I first applied them. They set within a minute and don't budge. But after a couple of hours of wear on my eyes, they start to melt, smudge, and smear. The color also transfers into my crease, which often happens because I have hooded eyelids and because the formula just isn't resistant enough with the oiliness on my lids. 
  • So I tried it with a primer before using the eyeliners and noticed that they performed a lot better that way. 

Final Thought

For a product that claims to be waterproof, I shouldn't have to resort to using a primer in order to make it last but it seems it's the only way I can keep them on longer and with minimal smudging or transferring. Other than that, They have the creamy smooth texture and pigmentation that I am very pleased with.

Rating: 7/10

Price: $9.00
Availability: Sephora

Baby Blues

Roof Top Party

Surfer Babe

Banana Split


  1. the color looks amazing, but when in the eyes it doesn't look that has a big coverage, and it's a shame that you have to use primer to make it last longer!! The yellow is my fave color!

    1. The lighter colors show a bit better when you layer them. Yeah it's unfortunate I have to remember to use a primer with these

  2. Surfer Babe is friggan gorgeous!

  3. The teal is absolutely stunning! I may have to pick this up sometime. I also like the yellow but it'd be a completely unwearable color for me.

    1. If you layer the yellow over a black eye liner it will be more wearable and add a little pop of color


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