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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sephora + Pantone Universe Velvet Lipstick Earth Red - Swatch and Review

Hello lovelies,

I've been lazy with my blog and just exhausted these past few days with the daily craziness at work. It's almost getting to the point where I just have to accept that crazy is a normal part of my that almost didn't sound right. Anyways, I picked up this lipstick at a Sephora store about a week ago. It's no longer available online but my local Sephora had a lot in stock so you might get lucky if your local Sephora store hasn't sold out.


  • It's a little bulkier than your typical lipstick tube. It has a silvery and clear packaging with a rectangular shape. I forgot to include a picture of the top of the lipstick. It has a small rounded mirror that I don't find very useful and the reflection is a bit distorted. 
  • The mechanism of the lipstick has a different twist. To open, you would push in the bottom of the lipstick to release the tube from the case and then pull it out. When you're done you just push it back in until you hear a click.  
  • .12 oz or 3.5 g


  • Earth Red is a muted cranberry red with a satin semi-matte finish. It's such a beautiful red color that I find more wearable than the traditional red. When I first swatched it in store, I knew I had to get it.
  • Texture feels nice and is quite pigmented and creamy. I didn't find it hydrating or drying but if you wear a lip balm before applying, it will remain comfortable for hours. 
  • The application was smooth and I like that it doesn't emphasize dry patches. 
  • It has a very faint scent but no weird taste. The scent is so subtle you'd barely notice.
  • It wears well for 4 1/2 hours without drinking or eating before it starts to fade. 

Final Thought

Personally, I love the shade, which was the main reason I purchased it but aside from that overall the formula is rather quite nice, creamy, and pigmented so for me it was worth it. If you fancy the color and the semi-matte finish, I think you'll be pleased with this lipstick.

Rating: 9/10
Price: $12.00

Availability: it's limited edition but might still be available at certain Sephora stores


  1. Sounds like such a long wearing and all rounder formula of lipstick! I think I would need something with a more moist or lustre finish or just a wet thin gloss on top for my dryer lips! I love the shade though, it's not a brick red but a more earthy (no pun intended) and slightly pink tone red. Love it on you!

    1. My lips don't get too dry and since I'm using the Jack Black lip balm. I like how this lipstick applies.

  2. Wonderful opacity! This shade looks really good with your skin tone too. I think i might be adding this lipstick to my "to buy" list :) BTW! I tagged you on a post! Hopefuly you do it as well. I would love to see your palettes


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