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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mehron INtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigments, Earth Palette and Wind Palette - Swatch and Review

I've been slacking off but now that I am on a short vacation from work hopefully, I can motivate myself to catch up on my blog posts because I will be extremely busy and burn out once I get back.

I don't know much about Mehron but I know that they specialize in theatrical makeup and normally when you think of theatrical makeup, intense and pigmented colors comes to mind. I first heard and seen swatches of the Mehron eyeshadows a few months ago on a blogger's review and when I found out that Cherry Culture was selling them, I have been keeping eye on them. Cherry Culture had a 40% off on their entire website a little while back and I quickly pounced on the opportunity to get them. The Mehron INtense Pro Pressed Powder Pigments come in 3 palettes: Earth, Wind, and Fire. I skipped on the Fire palette because it appears to have more pastel colors.

  • Each palette come with 8 different shades. Each pan is fairly big. They are about the size of a Make Up Forever eyeshadow. I have included a picture of a MAC eyeshadow next to it so you can see how big they are. 
  • The palette is compact and contains a mirror and a synthetic brush. 
  • Net weight is .86 oz or 24 gm

Earth Palette

  • Earth Palette shades:
    • Red Earth - maroon matte red
    • Desert Sand - medium matte beige
    • Earth Crust - matte orange rust
    • Mountain Moss - cool toned matte mossy green
    • Carbon - dark matte black
    • Graphite - medium matte grey with blue undertone
    • Night Sky - light matte lavender.
    • Morning Sky - matte light blue
    • The only shades that didn't swatch very well were Night Sky and Morning Sky but when I used a brush to apply them on my eyes, they showed  up very well when I pat them on over a primer. They looked a little ashy but I suppose it's because they are lighter in color. 
    • The rest of the colors have excellent pigmentation. They all feel very smooth and are a bit powdery but as long as you pat and use a little at a time, you won't get much fall out during application.

Earth Palette swatches, no primer used

Wind Palette

  • Wind palette shades:
    • Huricane Blue - dark matte blue
    • Island Breeze - medium matte orange
    • Palm - medium matte yellow green
    • Turbulent - medium matte brown
    • Tornado - reddish matte purple
    • Solar Wind - matte yellow mustard
    • Ocean Breeze - medium tropical blue
    • Tropical Storm - medium matte teal green
    • All the colors are smooth, soft, and have an incredible pigmentation. Even though some swatched nicer than others, when you use a brush to pat them on the eyes, the color payoff is fantastic on all of them especially when you have a primer underneath. 

Wind Palette Swatches, no primer

Final Thought

These are some of the best matte eyeshadows I've come across. They are incredibly pigmented and a little goes a long way, especially with the darker shades and they come in larger size pans so these will last you a very long time. I did the swatches without primer and I guarantee you that they look much more intense over a primer. The texture is soft, smooth, and buttery, very similar to Inglot matte eyeshadows. They are a little powdery and prone to fall out but with careful and patting application you can minimize that. You definitely need a primer with these in order for them to adhere and last longer on your eyes. I used Urban Decay primer and they last 8 hours on my moderately oily lids without fading. If you want intense and quality matte eyeshadows, I highly recommend these. You won't be disappointed. They seem a little pricey at regular price but if you wait for a sale like I did, they are so worth it! All the shades are also available individually for $9.95, then again, you get more bang for  your bucks with the palettes.

Rating: 9.5/10

Price: $52.95 per palette
Availability: Cherry Culture

For makeup looks I did using these palettes please check out the links below:
Smoky Matte Green Makeup Look
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  1. Beautiful matte shades! They look incredible but I won't be using them so often if I had them in my collection! I'm a shimmery shadow girl! Thanks for reviewing and swatching!

    1. I like using matte with shimmers because it gives the eye makeup better contrast and it's hard to find good mattes out there, plus the majority of eyeshadows on the market are shimmers so that's why I'm always on the look out for good mattes.

  2. Nice swatches! It's hard to find good mattes so these palettes look like a great deal, especially on sale. I don't blame you for skipping the pastel palette, I don't wear many pastel eyeshadows. But these mattes would be so fun for girls' night out or another fun "day off" makeup look.

    1. I won't be wearing these colors much but I'd reach for the neutral shades more often and I think even some of the colorful shades can be worn during the day when you use a subtle amount of it. Definitely good to have for days you want to do a colorful or dramatic look.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm loving the pigmentation x

  4. Awesome pigmentation for matte colors!


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