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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Finger Paints Swatches - Golden Kisses, Kiss By The Tree, and Sparkle In The Sky

Hello lovelies,

Here are the swatches of the new Finger Paints polishes that I just recently picked up. I believe these are part of their holiday collection. 

Golden Kisses is a textured nail polish with fine silver shimmers and small pale gold glitters. I did not expect this polish to be textured so it was a surprise. The texture is more rough that most I've tried. The formula is a little thick so application was a little uneven on the first coat. The second coat is a little more even though you still have to be careful during application. Two coat is enough for opaque coverage.

2 coats of Golden Kisses with a clear top coat

Kiss By The Tree has a clear base with small and large red glitters, white bar glitters, and small and large white glitters. It's quite a fun looking mix. The base is not too thick or too thin but the glitters are rather sparse and move around easily; therefore, you'll have to dab and shuffle the glitters around a bit. I had use two coats over Nicole by OPI Sea How Far You Go.

Sparkle In The Sky is another texture polish that I wasn't expecting to be textured. I think they need to have a different packaging or label and much to my surprise, it looks like a good dupe for OPI Alcatraz...Rocks. It is a dark dusty blue with a slight purple undertone and green, gold, and purple sparkling shimmers. I only needed two coats for opaque coverage. The formula wasn't as thick as Golden Kisses and was much easier to spread evenly. I forgot to take a picture with a top coat but I think I like the way it looks much better with the top coat.


  1. I love the textured ones. The Sparkle In The Sky one is very pretty. The red glitter one looks like it needs to be applied using a couple of coats of a toothpick to pull the glitters out. Happy Holidays!!

  2. Oh, they look so textured! interesting, I'm not really into the super looking textured finish, I'd add a thick glossy coat on top for a glass top look! That's more me!

    1. I don't mind textured nail polish but now that every brand is making some I'm starting to get tired of it, lol.

  3. oh my gosh. the sparkle in the sky polish looks amazing! I dont have much of an experience with glitter texture polishes but im thinking this might push me to get them :)

    1. Give them a try. I think the Finger Paints are only about $5


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