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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Preview Swatches - Soldiers In Charms & Spoiled Army Brat

I stopped by another Walgreens yesterday. Didn't find what I was looking for but I walked out of there with these two new Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes from their new collection. There are a few more other colors but I wasn't really interested in them. I am not sure if these are limited edition. It doesn't say so on the packaging and I don't know how soon I can get the review up so I figure I might as well post some swatches and give you my first impression.

Soldiers In Charms
  • Browbone - a shimmery chartreuse kind of shade. The texture is nice and soft but the pigmentation was on the sheer. 
  • Crease - dark shimmery olive green with sparkling gold shimmers. Texture not too soft or stiff. Pigmenation was really good. 
  • Eyelid - matte medium army green with grey undertone. Texture was soft but pigmentation was just average.

Spoiled Army Brat
  • Browbone - soft dusty and shimmery rose with a satin finish. Texture was soft and pigmentation was average.
  • Crease - muted berry red with a matte finish. Texture fairly soft, slightly powdery, and pigmentation was fairly good. 
  • Eyelid - a soft shimmery light pinkish peach. Texture was very soft, a bit powdery, and pigmentation was average. 

These are my first impression of the palettes based on the swatches only and my opinion is subject to change once I put them to the test. They're pretty inexpensive and I think overall the color payoff is decent to good so I think they might be worth a try if you are interested.

Have you spotted these new eyeshadows yet? Will you pick any up?


  1. I hadn't seen these before. Soldiers in Charms has such a pretty color selection x

    1. I agree. I was particularly attracted to that palette.

  2. Oh such pretty colors in each palette! Nothing I'm willing to buy though, already have some colors similar :)

    1. I probably do too, lol, but I still wanted to try them.

  3. These do look nice. I believe they are limited edition. I saw them but dithered on picking them up since I already have lots of shadows I haven't even swatched yet!

    1. I know I didn't need them but they were new and inexpensive and I just liked them :D

  4. It's always nice to have decent inexpensive choices out there especially for people that can't afford the more pricier brands. I love the colors in Soldiers in Charms...I probably wouldn't wear them, but I like the colors. I actually like Spoiled Army Brat too.


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