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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tarnished Bronze Makeup Look

I know I's about time! I don't do enough of these kind of post and for someone who loves makeup that is unacceptable. Makeup looks are no doubt the longest and the ones that take the most effort for me to do, thus why they are always at the back burner.

First, I have to allocate a few hours of free time where I have nothing else better to do. It takes me a few minutes to figure what kind of look I want to create and searching for the colors I wanna use. And then once I get to it, it takes approximately an hour for me to do a full face makeup look from start to finish. Granted, I do take my time since I am in no rush and I want everything to look perfect. Afterward, I may need to fix my hair for pictures, lol. I take a ton of pictures, which can take 1 or 1 1/2 hour. Once I am done taking pictures, I clean up the mess, upload my pictures, select the ones that I like, and spend some more time editing and some more time typing up the blog post. So yeah, that's my process and it takes and average of 4 hours in total from start to finish to post about a makeup look, which is significantly longer than any of the posts I create for my blog. Everything else is a piece of cake and I can accomplish much quicker.
Having said that, I'm curious to know how long it takes you to do a full makeup look & post for your blog?

Ok, now let's  move on to the makeup look...

I am using a couple of Yves Rocher products for this look, which I will be providing reviews in a week or two. One of them is the bronze cream eyeshadow, which I thought looked lovely and a very unusual shade of bronze because it has a green tinge to it. That was pretty interesting. Normally when I think of bronze, a warmer color comes to mind. This look like the kind of bronze that has aged and tarnished.

Hope you like this look. I enjoyed using a mix of earth tone colors paired with muted colors to make this a soft and wearable look. Great for day or night and for those who like to play it safe. The colors used would complement every skin tone in my opinion.

Product Used



  • Yves Rocher Metal Glow Cream Eyeshadow Bronze all over lids
  • MAC Embark on the outer V and crease
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Trooper on upper lash line
  • Milani Shadow Eyez Espresso Line on waterline and outer lower lash line
  • MAC Trax smudged along Espresso Line
  • Rimmel ScandalEyes Gossip Green on inner lower lash line
  • Too Faced Heaven on brow bone
  • MAC Velux Brow Liner Deep Dark Brunette
  • False lashes


  • Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Lipstick Rose Hale


  1. A beautiful make-up look! Lovely lip color you chose! (:
    I also need much time to post make-up looks on my blog! And since I don#t have time recently there aren't many...I have to change that! ):

    1. Thank you. Yes other being time consuming I do enjoy doing makeup looks too. Looking forward to your next makeup look

  2. lovellyy! the pop of green is my favourite part, so subtle and stunning at the same time!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad it worked out cause I wanted to keep it subtle.

  3. YAYAY!!! Thank you so much for making a look <3 I love this look, but I don't think the green would go well with my blue eyes :( But still, I love it!

    1. You're welcome. I think green and blue goes well with each other. I've used the two colors together before. Maybe it depends on the shade of green.

  4. Omg that little kit of 6 shadows looks awesome! I love the green and how you brought it down onto the lower lash line, something I rarely do because of how watery mine get! Great job!

    1. I got a that MAC palette at the CCO so I got it for a good deal. I think all the colors are permanent and sold individually but I believe the palette is limited edition.

  5. This whole look on you is so pretty. I wish I knew how to apply makeup really well.


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