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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tarte Ring It In Mini Cheek Stain Set - Review and Swatches

I purchased this set a few weeks ago from during their friends and family sale. This set was not included in the sale because it is was and still is currently on sale for $15.00. Which I think is a pretty good deal.

  • The tubes are about 3 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. They have a shiny metallic gold base and a black cap. Underneath the cap is also a clear cover to prevent the product from drying out. The small clear plastic cover is a bit tricky to remove and you could accidentally drop it while trying you pop it out and color residue on the cap could get on your clothes or fingers. 
  • The product isn't perfectly molded or filled in the tube. There is a bit of gap around the rim. I am not sure if it is how it was handled during manufacture or if that is a result of the product drying out or melting. The product didn't feel dry when I used it.  
  • Overall, I really like the packaging. It's small and has a quality look and feel to it.
  • I had a hard time finding the name of the shade on the packaging. The print are small and the case very shinny and reflective, making it pretty hard to read.
  • In this picture, I have twisted the product all the way up to see how much I'm getting. There is 4.8 g or .17 oz in each tube. It may not seem like much at all but I think you could actually get a lot of uses out of these because you really don't need much per usage. 
  • The set include a stretchy gold tone ring. I think the ring is cute but not really my style. 

  • From left to right: Luster, Flawless, and Vivid.
  • Luster, a shimmery bronze. I wasn't sure if this would work as a blush but to my surprise it actually does. Once on the cheeks, it adds a very natural and subtle color to my face.
  • Flawless, a shimmery peachy pink. 
  • Vivid, a shimmery blue based pink.

  • Tarte claims that these cheek stains contains natural fruit extract and are formulated without paraben. For a complete list of ingredient, please follow this link
  • The shimmers in these are very subtle but the finish is a bit dewy. I probably wouldn't recommend these if you have oily skin. I find that they look very natural and each of these shades looked great on my skin tone. I have light skin with neutral undertone, NC25 in MAC, if that is any help. 
  • These shades are a bit sheer as you can see but they still add color and I find them pretty easy to work with. I'm not too sure of how these would work for darker complexion but these will work for most skin tone, in my opinion. 
  • They do have a bit of tackiness to them. How I apply them is dab a little on my cheeks and I use my Crown C404 small duo fiber brush to blend. I don't use my fingers for blending because it makes the color look patchy and uneven.
  •  These blushes really do not stain though. So the name of the product can be misleading.
  • As far as the wear time, I think these do a pretty good job. They last up to 6 hours, after that they do fade a little but not by much because I can still see a bit of color left after 9 hours though much more subtle.
  • They have a very strong fruity/citrusy scent. I'm ok with it but some people might not be fond of it.

Final Thought
I think some people might like these and some people might not depending on their preference, skin type, and color. I personally like them and that says a lot for someone who is not a big fan of creme blushes. I really like the fact that I don't have to dip my fingers in it to apply and that I can just directly dab it on my cheeks. They blend very well, especially with a brush and they last pretty much all day.
My rating: 9/10.

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  1. I have the same set! :) I love all 3 of them. Thanks for the review.

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