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Sunday, May 5, 2013

China Glaze Budding Romance - Swatch

Budding Romance is a medium murky yellow tone green with a jelly cream finish. I think this is the kind of color you either going to love or hate. For me personally, I like it. It's quite unique and I like the slight squishy finish and look to it.
The consistency isn't too thick or thin and applies nicely and easily. I have 2 coats on the swatches and you can barely see some visible nail line. I think it looks fine to me but if you prefer something more opaque I think a third coat will do.
Once it dries, it stays shiny and glossy without a topcoat. Dry time is average.


  1. That's a really weird color but I kind of like it! It's very unique. And it's sooooo shiny!!

    1. haha yeah. It's unusual but in a good way


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