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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eye Color Base Nude - Review & Swatches

Hello Beauties,

I picked up this Lancome Waterproof eye primer a week ago during their GWP promo at Macy's. I thought that it was interesting that this product claims to be waterproof. I felt like I needed to take it home for a few spins and see if it really delivers. I usually target makeup that have a long-wear capability because I'm one of those ladies who almost never touch up her makeup once it's done. I have more important things to worry about throughout the day than checking out my face and can you imagine my horror when I go to the bathroom and find that I've spend hours passing by or talking to people with my raccoon eyes and they act like they don't see it. I hate these people, lol. Seriously, even if I saw someone with their booger hanging down their nose, I'd tell them. Anyways, the moral of the story is not everyone is cool like me, just kidding!

What Lancome says about this primer...

"Not all eye shadow primers are created equal. But this primer makes promises it can keep—long-lasting shadow wear and vibrancy, with absolutely no creasing. The silky-smooth, waterproof formula holds pigment in place and delivers nude, barely-there color that evens out eyelids and leaves them with a natural, matte finish. Apply with fingertips under your favorite LancĂ´me shadow. Fragrance-free."


  • Fancy looking glass pot
  • .14 oz or 4g


  • The primer has a similar texture to the MAC's paint pot. It may appear like a thick concealer paste yet once your rub it with your finger it feels creamier and applies quite nicely. 
  • The color is light on my eyes but on the swatch it looks like a light nude with a slight peach undertone to it. I find it instantly brightens my eyes, which I find nice. 
  • It did help making my eyeshadows look more vibrant upon application. However, I'm very disappointed. After 4 hours of wear, I start noticing that the colors are fading. After 8 hours, I noticed more fading and creasing. I had high hopes for this primer and it really let me down. My Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Insurance never let eyeshadows crease on me, even after 8 hours. 
Final Thought
So 2 out of 3 products are going back. I'm pretty bummed. I hate returning products but considering how pricey these are, I definitely need to exchange them with something else. The Lancome Aquatique retails for $25.50. At this point, I don't even care if it is or says to be waterproof because it sure wasn't crease-proof or fade-proof. I read mixed reviews on this product and now I see why. Those who have drier lids might have better luck with this product. 

My rating: 5/10


  1. im not familiar in using eye makeup base, i alternate use concealer =)

  2. Eyeshadow base sort of work like a primer but have more color or pigmentation to them.

  3. Maybe that's why I like it - because I have dry skin. I totally hear you about not messing with your makeup during the day. And somebody tell a girl if she looks jacked up!

    1. Glad it worked for you. Yeah, I don't know why people do that.

  4. While I do prefer eyeshadow bases (like Mac's paint pots) to primers, I'm glad you reviewed this. Prob won't be trying..

  5. What a bummer that this didn't work out. I'm like you with the touch-ups: I don't want to have to stop by the bathroom mirror and make sure everything is staying put! I hate it when I get home and realize I had a mascara smear or something like that, and no one said anything. :P

    1. I try to check my face every now and then but sometimes I'm too busy and I forget.


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