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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeshadow Bewitched - Swatch and Review

Hello Beauties,

Here's a fairly new product on the market and I picked this one up at Ulta a few weeks ago. I was tempted to try out a couple more shade from the line but I decided to just stick with this one since this color seem less common.


  • Well-made and sturdy single eyeshadow case. Definitely one of the better drugstore eyeshadow packaging I've seen. 
  • .07 oz or 2 g

  • Bewitched is more on the frosty side. It's a shimmery light brown with a very high shine light teal shimmer. So yes, you do get some duochrome action going on there. Depending on how the light hits you can see more of the teal. They had another shade that looked very similar to MAC Club. 

  • I was quite impressed when I first swatched it. It feels so smooth and buttery. The powder is very finely milled. The pigmentation was also pretty good for and eyeshadow that is this frosty. The texture is comparable to Urban Decay's eyeshadows. 
  • It applies like butter and blends like a dream. 
  • Last all day with a good primer. Some minor fading but no creasing. 
Final Thought

There isn't that many shades to choose from unfortunately, however if you do find one that you like definitely pick it up because the formula is excellent and very reminiscent of some high-end brands that many of us love without having to dish out luxury prices. This Prestige eyeshadow can be found at Ulta for $8.49. 

My rating: 9/10.

What you tried Prestige cosmetics? If yes, which is your favorite product?


  1. That is such a pretty color! Wonder if Prestige sells anywhere else other than Ulta (don't have one of those around me..|:)

    1. I don't know. Or else you could order on Ulta's website or Prestige's website.

  2. Very pretty - I need to get thew to Ulta!

  3. Nice color! Luckily for me I'm heading into Ulta soon.


  4. I am so loving the Total Intensity Eyeshadows. I need some advice as I am new to using eyeshadows. please help me out:
    1. Since I use eye shadows only once in a while is it better to get regular powder eyeshadow or the colored pencil or stick one are good. which of the two powder or stick has better shelf life.
    2. Should I go for high end brnad like mac (can get lil bit cheap in a blog sale) or milani prestige or nyx are good starter.
    3. Are prestige Spellbound Crave Bewitched Hocus Pocus good neutral choices.
    4. please suggest a good neutral all over eye shadow - i am liking milani vanilla, rickled pink or even nyx milk/cottage cheese/ french frie/mocha.
    5. pls. suggest some neutrals from mac. I am liking satin taupe, patina , woodwinked, nylon, da bling, expensive pink shimmermoss truth.

    any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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