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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Avon Big Color Lip Pencil Sherry Swatch

Hello Lovelies,

I took these pictures a little while back and just never got around to posting. This lip pencil was actually given to me by a friend.

Packaging is a jumbo pencil which allows precise application. Sherry is a shimmery burgundy red with a frost finish. I like the color but not too crazy about the finish. I wish it was a little less frosty. It's fairly pigmented. Application was alright. It has a very waxy scent and taste that is a bit offensive for me. I probably would have gotten a bit more use out of it if it didn't smell or taste that way. Nonetheless, I'm very grateful that my friend gave me an opportunity to try this. I love this shade though, I think it looks nice on my skintone.


  1. the color turn out to be beautiful! but I have the same problems with the lipstick or lips products from avon!

  2. I have not bought makeup from them in a long time. I'd still prefer to buy drugstore product over them.


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