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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prestige Total Intensity Against All Odds Liquid Ink Eyeliners

I didn't go out yesterday but I did earlier and the stores looked pretty empty, lol. I guess most people are at home watching the super bowl. It's not as cold as yesterday, which was nice too.

Prestige just recently launched some new items and their eyeliners have been under my radar. I've had good experience with their eyeliners in the past so I was excited to test these out.

  • The eyeliner comes with a felt tip applicator. I find it pretty easy to use though I personally would prefer it to be just a tad more flexible. 
  • .095 oz or 2.8 ml

  • Around the Clock is a reddish purple with pink and blue micro glitters. 
  • Stalker is a matte cool tone medium green.

  • The formula is rather wet and thin so you would actually need a couple pass in order to look even and opaque. The pigmentation is not bad but it does need to be layered. I personally don't really mind that cause I usually do that anyways when I apply eyeliners.  
  • Once it dries, it's very long-wearing and won't budge, smudge, or migrate until you take it off. 
  • It doesn't claim to be waterproof but you will need a waterproof eye makeup remover to get this off because that how good it stays put. 
Final Thought
If you don't mind layering and if liquid eyeliners is your cup of tea, then I think you will be happy with these due to their long-lasting quality. They are a bit pricy and can be purchased at Ulta for $9.49. Try getting them during a BOGO sale if they are of interest.

My rating: 9/10.


  1. i see my fave color on the left =)

  2. Love the purple shade! I wish we had prestige! I need to get some fun liner shades in my collection! Hope you use them soon!

    1. I use eyeliner much more often than eyeshadows so yes I like to also have them in many different colors :p


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