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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lancome Color Design Infinite Eyeshadow Absolute Jade - Swatch, Review, Dupe, and Eye Makeup

Hello ladies,

Today, I'll be delivering you the review and swatches of Lancome Color Design Infinite Eyeshadow Absolute Jade that I purchased at Macy's during their GWP promo. If you missed out on the haul, you can click HERE to view what else I got and the freebies.

  • Plastic jar container with additional plastic top cover underneath the cap. I'm rather surprised the container was plastic. It gives it a bit of a cheap feeling to it.
  • .12 oz or 3.5 g

  • Absolute Jade is a medium shimmery sage color with a bit of gold sheen to it.

  • Creamy pressed powder that feel and looks just like the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows or the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense eyeshadows.
  • Excellent pigmentation, easy to blend, gorgeous color.
  • Now, here's the kicker for me. When I got home, I pulled out the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in the shade Golden Sage and swatched them both side by side and it was a spot on dupe! Texture, look, and feel exactly the same! I was crushed because it really do me no good to have two of the same product. Granted one of them was almost $25.00.
  • So now that I've found a dupe for it, I decided to test them out to see if they performed differently.
  • Day 1, I wore them with no primer, one on each eyes. Both started fading within 2 hours. By the 3 rd hour, I could see some creasing.  
  • Day 2, I wore both of them with a primer. They held up pretty well without creasing. However, halfway through the day, I did notice that Absolute Jade was a little more faded. 

On the left L'Oreal Infallible Golden Sage and on the right Lancome Color Design Absolute Jade

  • Can you see the shocking resemblance?  Ok one thing I didn't know but now know, it turns out that Lancome is owned by L'Oreal. As a matter of fact, L'Oreal is one of the biggest beauty company out there. Click HERE to view all the brands that L'Oreal owns. Also check out this article, to read interesting facts about some of the popular beauty brands.
Final Thought
Absolute Jade definitely needs a primer in order to make it through the day. There is some minor fading after 4 hours but no creasing when paired with a primer. The texture and pigmentation is excellent, applies buttery soft, and easily blendable. My only grip is that its less expensive twin actually performed a little better on my test wear. Overall, it's good but not that great. The fact that I have the same exact color that perform a little better compels me to exchange it with something else. Any suggestions on which Lancome product I should exchange it with?

My rating: 8/10.

And just so you get an idea on how it looks on my eyes. I did a quick look featuring Absolute Jade.

Product used for this look
  • Lancome Color Design Infinite Eyeshadow Absolute Jade on lid
  • Orange brick color from Wet N Wild Sparkle Til Morning palette on the crease
  • Dark brown definer from Sparkle Til Morning on the outer V and smudged on the lower lash line
  • Physicians Formula Eye Booster Ultra Black on upper lash line
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil in Mildew on lower lash line and waterline.


  1. Do you like their dual finish powder, or maybe an eye cream?

    1. I've not tried either one. I was thinking about something between $25-$30

  2. I haven't tried any Lancome products yet. But glad you were able to spot a dupe before the return period was up :D The look you did looks great!

    1. Thanks. Ughh I don't ming buyind a cheaper dupe, just not the other way around.

  3. beautiful color! but as you said, since L'oreal owns Lancome they should avoid doing products that have almost the same color!

    1. Yes seriously if they want to use the same formula, I'm fine with that but at least make the color different.

  4. Oh wow! That's crazy. Glad you spotted the dupe in time to return it! Sheesh.


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