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Friday, February 22, 2013

Blue Me Away Makeup Look and Tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I hate to say this but this looks similar to something I might have done already, lol. What can I say. I think blue and purple is an awesome combo. The reason I wanted to do a blue makeup look was because I wanted to incorporate Rimmel Scandal Eyeshadow Stick in Blamed Blue, which I just reviewed a few days ago.

Product Used

  1. Prime eye with Lancome eyeshadow base
  2. With a fluffly brush, apply and blend Inglot #439 on crease (purple)
  3. Darken the crease with Inglot #332 (matte dark blue)
  4. Apply Rimmel Blamed Blue on lids and create a winged liner
  5. With the blue teal shade from the EL Blue Dahlia palette, apply it over Blamed Blue and blend it into the crease. 
  6. Apply Blamed Blue on waterline
  7. Apply on the lower lash line the Physician Formula light gold gel liner and apply the gold eyeshadow from the Bare Mineral palette over it
  8. Add the light shimmery gold from the Bare Mineral palette on the brow bone
  9. Fill in brows
  10. Add false lashes
  11. Apply cheek stain and bronzer
  12. For the lips, I did one layer of the lip stain and one layer shimmery gold gloss over it.

Even though I've done a similar look or two, what I really like and make this look a bit different is the golden shimmers on my brow bone and lower lash line. I'm also really digging these spiky eyelashes. I love how they  open up my eyes and don't look heavy on my lids.

Hope you enjoyed this look.


  1. So beautiful! I love how you do color. I got the blue Rimmel pencil. I'm excited to use it x

    1. My jaw dropped when I swatched the color, lol. It's so gorgeous. Hope you like it too.

  2. So so pretty! I need to get some of those Rimmel pencils!

    1. I was at CVS the other day and they were on BOGO

  3. Absolutely stunning! I looooove it!

  4. This is beautiful. Wish I had a fraction of your talent!

    1. I pretty much just learned by watching youtube, practicing, and just having fun with it :)

  5. That Bare Essentials palette is phenomenal, isn't it?! Love their formula!

    1. Yes their pressed shadow formula is fantastic. I love that palette.

  6. lovely! the good thing about this makeup is that goes with every shape and colour of eyes!


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