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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Milani Ultrafine Liquid Eyeliner - Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I ended up working half day today and was debating on whether I want go to work tomorrow. Well, actually I should after the damage I've done the other day but I feel like I need at least one day to myself on the weekend. One thing I like about working on the weekend is that it's so quiet and I don't get interrupted as much. I'm still working on my haul that I'm trying to post. I was really tired so I took a pretty long nap this afternoon and I have a feeling I might be up all night now.

  • Long and sleek eyeliner tube with color matching the color of the liner inside. They look very similar to the Make Up Forever Aqua Liners.
  • Short foamy felt-tip applicators

  • Shades from left to right: Prismatic Purple, Sparkling Turquoise, Emerald Glisten

  • These liners look a bit watery but surprisingly they were decently pigmented. I would recommend shaking them before you apply. 
  • As you can see from the swatches above, they do have some sparkly shimmers in them. Shimmers plus bright colors really make these liners stand out. 
  • The applicator is very pointy but because the applicator tip is rather short and I found it difficult to create a fine line. 
  • They don't take too long to set and once they do they don't smudge, budge, or fade until you take them off. 
  • I actually took a shower with them and noticed that they did fade a bit so I wouldn't say that they are waterproof but more like water resistant. 
  • Strangely, the blue and green shade do leave a stain behind.

  • Prismatic Purple is definitely my favorite of the pack. I don't have any eyeliner color like this one (at least not that I remember). It's purple yet it also has a blue tinge to it that makes it really gorgeous. Here, I am wearing it on the upper lash line.

Final Thought

Though they claim to be waterproof, they're not but they are certainly water resistant. I really love how long lasting they are without fading or smudging. Liquid eyeliners have always performed the best on me and they are always my first pick when I know I need my liner to last me all day until I'm ready to take it off. 
These are a really good substitute for high-end brands. They are slightly less saturated but still deliver good color pay off at a price you can be happy with.

My rating: 9/10

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