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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hauls - Sephora VIB Sale and Ulta, with Swatches

Hello lovely readers,

I'm almost done spring cleaning...Well, honestly I kinda give up cause I'm exhausted from it, lol. However, I did get a lot done and my place feels a little less cluttered. Need to get rid of some shoes but gonna let my sister go through them first and pick the ones that she wants to keep.

Anyhoo, I actually hauled these products last week but between work and the spring cleaning, reorganizing, I've just been too tired to work on my blog.
I got the chance to attend the VIB Rouge event in store last weekend because my friend is a VIB Rouge so it was really cool to see what the perks of VIB Rouge. Basically, she received the invite and VIB Rouge get first dibs into the sale a few days before the rest. They also get a free sample bag and 15% off coupon for their entire purchase. She had to RSVP to the event and is allowed to bring a friend who could also benefit from the deal. The store opened 1 hour early and they had to check if you were on the VIB Rouge list before you get in. They offered coffee, water, and cookies. And lastly, they also did make overs and beauty consultations. Overall, the VIB Rouge experience is nice but definitely something I can do without. In order to get VIB Rouge status, you would have to spend at least $1000 in a calendar year...Ouch! I don't think I am willing to spend that much in one place, especially now that I have a new car payment and I've been dying for the longest time to get new gears for my camera.

Ok, let's dive into the haul and swatches...

I wasn't really planning on purchasing anything NARS. The brand is good but doesn't always appeal to me due to the price point but when I walked into the store and saw the display of their new Dual Intensity Blushes, I had the itch to swatch them. My eyes instantly locked on Jubilation, so I swatched it first. And I swear, it must have been the perfect lighting because it captured all the little sparkles and rainbows this highlighter blush has to offer. I fell immediately under its spell. In this set, you get shimmery light gold and a peachy gold. They feel super creamy, pigmented, and looked so pretty I couldn't resist and had to bite the bullet of $45. It's insane! I really hate to pay that much for a highlighter but really like it so I think I will get a lot of use out of it. Plus you can also use these as eyeshadows too.

Right before I went to the check out line, I was looking at this new cream eyeshadow from Sephora line and as soon as I swatched it, I knew I had to try at least one so here I picked up the shade Silver Delight ($15), which is a shimmery silver with a cool tone green tint to it.

The last thing I got from Sephora is the new Kat Von D Shade + Light eye contour palette ($46). I got totally sucked in by the packaging and colors. All, except one, are matte finishes. The last shade on the right (Latinus) is a satin finish but almost matte looking. These feel like buttery creamy when you touch them. Most swatch very well except for the black shade that is a bit patchy. You get a good mix of cool tone and warm tone. The only thing I didn't really like is having 4 very light shades. I would have been happy with just 2 light shades and having the rest as colors because the light shades tend to look pretty similar once applied.
This is such a versatile palette. Great on its own, and great paired with others. Matte shades are wonderful for creating depths and contrasts. Will review this later for sure.

Laetus, Samuel, Solas, Lucius

Lazarus, Saleos, Shax, Liberatus

Ludwin, Succubus, Sytry, Latinus

VIB Rouge and VIB Rouge guest also get this free cloth clutch bag filled with samples. The bag feels nice and is lined inside with a red fabric. It would be great to hold makeup for traveling. I was really surprised they thrown in a full size nail polish. I got the shade Quantum, which looks like a sage green with a cream finish.

After Sephora, my friend and I went to Ulta and as soon as I walked through the door, I saw these new Marveous Moxie lipgloss by Bare Minerals. I was like Oh My Gawwwd! MUST-HAVE-IT! I was a bit disappointed that they were on the sheer side but heck I didn't care. I would buy just to look at the rainbows, lol. I would die happy if they could make an eyeshadow with these colors. 

On the left Hypnotist, a sheer light gloss with a an iridescent violet, orange, and gold sheen.
On the right Enchantress, a semi-sheer light gloss with an iridescent orange pink sheen.
It's too bad they don't have that same rainbow effect on the skin or maybe it's my lighting, IDK, but yes not the same as looking through the tube.

I got the Essence Effect nail polish in the shade Rock My World. I know it looks plain and grey on this picture but it's actually a lot prettier in person. It's got this gorgeous lavender, teal, and gold sparkle to it. Will need to swatch this one for you and hoping my camera can catch its beauty.

That's it for my haul but I wanted to throw in one last rant before I go, lol. Sorry...but this is what I recently discovered about Ulta. In the past, I guess I must have spent enough money there so that during my birthday month, I was allowed to have a free gift and $10 off coupon. I've spent less this year and haven't reach platinum level (spend $400 or more), I'm even shocked that I haven't, lol, but anyways I guess it's a good thing for my pocket. Unless you are a platinum level all you get is double points during your birthday month for all the purchase you make that month. Their website is misleading because it states that if you're signed up for Emails, you get a birthday present, well I didn't. I even asked the staff and she said I only get double points so boo to you Ulta! I am not a fan of Ulta's rewards. I don't think it is rewarding at all. I guess I'll shop there only if I have to from now on.

I'm still debating if I need to get anymore from Sephora before the sale ends. Did you purchase anything from the Sephora sale? Anything you would recommend that I look into? Let me know :D

Monday, April 13, 2015

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Swatches and Review - Retrograde, Sabbath, Siren, Revolver

I'm so happy that Spring is here and been loving the warmer weather. I'm sorry again for neglecting my blog. I have been doing a major spring cleaning at my place and reorganizing furniture. Holy crap! I have so much junk and stuff I don't use that's taking space and collecting dust. I was amazed at how much I had to let go. It looked like I was moving. It's still messy because there are still stuff I need to sort out but the bulk of the work is done...I think. I'm so sore. And of course, the usual...Work is driving me bonkers. I think I'm gonna go rogue if I keep up with the madness. 

I believe I got most of these at Nordstrom Rack. Some of them were also on sale at Sephora. I wonder if Urban Decay is going to discontinue them and come out with a new line of liquid liners.

  • Long and slender. Typical packaging for liquid eyeliners. They come with a thin brush applicator which I found easy to manage and create thin lines. 
  • The color of the packaging matches the color of the liner.
  • .05 oz or 1.7 ml

  • What I noticed is that you should always shake the product before use because if you don't the color looks thin and watery.
  • Retrograde - gorgeous dark purple with pink/blue shimmer liner
  • Sabbath - dark navy blue with a slight glossy shine
  • Siren - beautiful shimmery teal blue
  • Revolver - shimmery gunmetal grey with pink and blue shimmer.
  • The color is actually quite pigmented when you shake the tube before applying. It last on me all day without fading or smudging. It is also waterproof, which is great for summer when you're going to be sweating or hanging at the pool.
  • It only comes off when I want it to come off. You do need an oil based remover in order to remove it though. When it comes off it comes off in like chunks and flakes. Kind of messy. 

Final Thought

So far I've been loving these. I'm a bit annoyed at how watery they get if you forget to shake them but other than that, they are easy to control and work with. The longevity is fantastic and bullet proof. There's quite a few shades available still on UD's website. A pretty good deal for $10 each, I think. 

Rating: 9/10

Price: $10/$19
Availability: Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jewelry Haul - Charming Charlie / Akribos

Last weekend, I was at Charming Charlie and well I ended up with more Jewelries than I anticipated cause I haven't been wearing them much lately. Some of these were also picked by my daughter.

They had these cute nerdy cat and nerdy bunny watches ($15 each). Those were for my daughter. The strap is an adjustable faux leather.

She also picked these earrings ($3.99). They are actually pretty cute. I'm digging them too.

This pearl in shell necklace is so darn cutesy ($3.99). I had to grab it for myself.

This starfish key chain is adorable and was on sale for $3.99. I wanted to hook it on my purse to hold my keys cause it's just too hard to dig them out of my purse when I need them.

This chandelier head chain is really pretty ($6.99). I feel like I'm too old for this but like it though. My first time trying out head chain. I think would look better if my hair is curled.

This is the second head chain I grabbed ($9.99). Really like how this one looks but this one has an elastic band on the back.

And lastly, probably my favorite piece. I got this Akribos XXIV Women's AK553SSG Diamond Multi-Function Mesh Bracelet Watch from Hautelook. It was on sale for $96.97, quite a steal considering the retail price of $695. It comes in this huge and sturdy box. The strap is easily adjustable and has a pretty shine to it. I love the color contrast between the blue pearl dial, gold rim, and the silver case and straps. The diamonds markers also add a nice sparkling touch to it without being overwhelming. I love the casual and unique design. It's very sturdy and has a good weight to it.
It can glow it in the dark. It's water resistant. You can also set the date on the watch.

For the best deal, you can wait for it to go on sale on Hautelook again, which may take several months because the last time I saw it on sale, I didn't grab it and I really regretted it cause I wasn't sure if it will be sold again. So when it came back, I'm so glad I was able to get it. The other option is you can get this from Amazon for $130.49 through this link

H & M Confetti Rain

I don't go to H&M often but when I do, I usually like to check out their beauty section and what I picked up lately is this tiny little glitter polish. 

Confetti Rain has a clear base with pearly white shimmers, white glitters, and pinkish purple glitters. The formula was just a little thick but easy to work with and applies the glitters evenly.
On the swatches, I have one coat of Confetti Rain over Sparitual Endless Possibilities. How sparkly fun! 

I believe it was about $3. I thought I was a bit pricey for such a tiny bottle. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Collective Haul and Swatches (Pic Heavy)

WHHHHEWIE! I'm sowie for being away but while I was away from me blog I was also busy shopping. It's been crazy in my world and needed some serious retail therapy. So here's what I've collected from the past few days.

These new NYX Prismatic eyeshadows are now available at Ulta for $6 a pot. So far, my first impression is wow, these are so pigmented and swatch beautifully! They feel so creamy!! It's currently on BOGO sale at Ulta right now.

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