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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jewelry Haul - Charming Charlie / Akribos

Last weekend, I was at Charming Charlie and well I ended up with more Jewelries than I anticipated cause I haven't been wearing them much lately. Some of these were also picked by my daughter.

They had these cute nerdy cat and nerdy bunny watches ($15 each). Those were for my daughter. The strap is an adjustable faux leather.

She also picked these earrings ($3.99). They are actually pretty cute. I'm digging them too.

This pearl in shell necklace is so darn cutesy ($3.99). I had to grab it for myself.

This starfish key chain is adorable and was on sale for $3.99. I wanted to hook it on my purse to hold my keys cause it's just too hard to dig them out of my purse when I need them.

This chandelier head chain is really pretty ($6.99). I feel like I'm too old for this but like it though. My first time trying out head chain. I think would look better if my hair is curled.

This is the second head chain I grabbed ($9.99). Really like how this one looks but this one has an elastic band on the back.

And lastly, probably my favorite piece. I got this Akribos XXIV Women's AK553SSG Diamond Multi-Function Mesh Bracelet Watch from Hautelook. It was on sale for $96.97, quite a steal considering the retail price of $695. It comes in this huge and sturdy box. The strap is easily adjustable and has a pretty shine to it. I love the color contrast between the blue pearl dial, gold rim, and the silver case and straps. The diamonds markers also add a nice sparkling touch to it without being overwhelming. I love the casual and unique design. It's very sturdy and has a good weight to it.
It can glow it in the dark. It's water resistant. You can also set the date on the watch.

For the best deal, you can wait for it to go on sale on Hautelook again, which may take several months because the last time I saw it on sale, I didn't grab it and I really regretted it cause I wasn't sure if it will be sold again. So when it came back, I'm so glad I was able to get it. The other option is you can get this from Amazon for $130.49 through this link

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