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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Coque D'Or - Swatch and Review

For the record, I'm not going to comment on the packaging because this is not how the full-size packaging looks like but based on the description, the flip top applicator seems pretty cool. I got this mini lipstick as deluxe sample by redeeming my Sephora points for it, God knows how long ago that was. The good news is this shade is still available as part of the permanent line.

Coque D'Or is a warm red with subtle gold shimmers. I found the formula lightweight, comfortable, and moisturizing. It feels and look more like a gloss than a lipstick. I was actually surprised at how long it lasted, considering it felt really light. It wore up to 5 hours before it started fading and left a stain behind.

I'm wearing just one layer on the lip swatch but you can add another layer to build up the intensity of the color. Personally, I prefer to wear it sheer, like pictured. It has a perfumy makeup sort of scent that I find hard to describe.

Overall, really nice formula and good color payoff. Price is a little steep ($35.00) but what can I say, it's Guerlain.

Have you tried any color from the line? What's the most you'd pay for a lipstick?

China Glaze Water You Waiting For Swatches

Ok so I'm a bit late in the game sometimes. I don't always get first dibs on new collections and products; however, the benefit of waiting a little can save you (and me) a few bucks. I picked up this polish that was on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply. They are usually about 50% off the original price once they put the nice red little sticker on it. You can bet I'm always looking at the clearance rack whenever I'm there. 

Water You Waiting For has a sheer jelly blue base with small blue and green glitters. I was able to get opacity with just two coats. I am also wearing a top coat on the swatches. The formula is a bit thick and picks up a lot of glitters. The application feels a bit dry and gritty but it's manageable. It actually looks a bit more vibrant in person. 

China Glaze Running In Circles Swatches

You may still find this polish on clearance at Sally Beauty's Supply. If I can help it, I try to wait until whatever they didn't sell from the new collection goes on clearance before I buy. They usually go on clearance pretty quick too. I would say about 4 to 6 weeks after they are released. 

Running In Circles looked bright and green in the bottle. I wasn't sure if I should get it but the fact that it was marked down just gave me an excuse to, lol. I'm glad that I did because once I swatched it on my nails it was like WOAH! This is the most gorgeous emerald nail polish I have ever seen. The flecks shimmers add a beautiful shine and sparkle, giving it the look of a gem. I love nail polishes that look like semi-precious gems. It's like wearing jewelries on your nails.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Motives Pressed Eyeshadow Fantasy - Swatch and Review

Hello Pretties,

Today, I'll be reviewing this pressed eyeshadow that Motives sent me for review.

What Motives says about their pressed eyeshadows
  • Impeccable color retention that does not run or crease so you always look your best
  • Even, smooth and silky application for a glamorous glow
  • Deflects the light away from fine lines, skin imperfections and hyper-pigmentation, creating a flawless look
  • Mix and match to create a soft, natural or dramatic look
  • Paraben, fragrance and oil free


  • Sturdy, practical, and durable. 
  • .06 oz or 1.8 g


  • Fantasy is a shimmery medium lavender purple.
  • The texture is soft, finely milled, and easily blendable. I didn't get any fall out during application.
  • I thought the pigmentation on this particular shade was a bit weak yet it showed up fairly well over a good primer.
  • I didn't experience any creasing or fading after 8 hours with a good primer as base (I used Urban Decay Primer Potion).

Final Thought

I would have loved it much more if the pigmentation was a bit more intense but other than that it has some good qualities. The formula is soft, blendable, and I'm pleased that it didn't crease or fade after wearing it for 8 hours. 

My rating: 9/10

Price: $12.50
Available at

If you by any chance decide to purchase from Motives, I would greatly appreciate if you put me as reference when you register. My email is Motives has agreed to give 15% to 20% discount for my audience so be sure to mention that you were referred through my blog. You may message them for more detail on the discount. Also, purchase over $100 qualifies for free shipping. Let me know if  you have any questions. :)

Motives Luxe Precision Eye Liner Jet Black - Review and Swatches

Looks like a nice day outside. I really wished I could get out. The last time I was stuck at home for this long was when I was on maternity leave...Damnnn that was long time ago! It's been a rather long week for me. My ankle seems slightly improved though I still feel a bit of pain and tenderness. It's still quite swollen and I am most comfortable lying down with my ankle elevated. No fun for me. Hope next week goes faster.

On the bright side, I've been testing a few products and here's my review of the Motives Luxe Precision Eye Liner that Motives sent me for review.

What Motives say about the Luxe Precision Eye Liner

  • Waterproof, long-lasting formula
  • Velvet touch precision tip for accurate application
  • Will not scratch, tug, or slip
  • Available in neutral colors that will enhance your eyes’ natural beauty


  • Maker type of eyeliner with a felt tip applicator. One thing I love about this type of applicator is that they are super easy to use and one nice thing about this particular liner is that the applicator is actually soft and not stiff like some. This makes application much more comfortable.
  • .04 oz or 1.2 ml


  • Jet Black is quite black with just one pass. The applicator allows you to draw a medium to thick line and I found it rather easy to use though I wished it glided a little more upon application. 
  • The longevity of this liner is awesome. It does not budge, smudge, or fade and stays put until I take it off.
  • It is however not waterproof as they stated. It does run and fade when in contact with water.

Final Thought

Overall, it's a nice eyeliner due to the ease of use, the soft felt-tip applicator, and longevity. I'm not sure why they labeled it as waterproof because I didn't find it to be the case. 

Rating: 9/10

Price: $14.00
Available at

If you by any chance decide to purchase from Motives, I would greatly appreciate if you put me as reference when you register. My email is Motives has agreed to give 15% to 20% discount for my audience so be sure to mention that you were referred through my blog. You may message them for more detail on the discount. Also, purchase over $100 qualifies for free shipping. Let me know if  you have any questions. :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm - Review and Swatches

Hello Ladies,

I purchased the Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm about a week ago, which I scored for an awesome deal during's Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale. This normally retails for $34.00.

What I appreciate about this BB cream is that it comes in 6 different shades, which allows you to get the shade that best matches your skin tone. Vanilla Glow would've worked perfectly for me; however, it was sold out at the time so I grabbed Snow Glow, which is the lighter shade. WARNING, no makeup face below, lol, please don't judge.

What Too Face says about this product

Our innovative beauty balm offers multiple skincare and makeup benefits in one simple step. Our powerful, multi-mineral complex instantly achieves a healthy glow and improves skin's overall appearance.
1. Light-diffusing pigments tint and add radiance (available in 6 shades).
2. Anti-aging, multi-mineral complex primes & prevents damage.
3. Moisturizes with oil-free hydration.
4. Hypo-allergenic and soothing for all skin types.
5. Broad-spectrum, chemical-free SPF 20.

  • Anti-aging, Multi-mineral Complex: Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc as well as Ginseng and Ginko Biloba. 
  • Soothes & Nourishes: Vitamins A & E, as well as Chamomile soothe and nourishes while our oil-free hydrating formula moisturizes.
  • Blends easily: Four gorgeous shades, with luminosity and effortless blendability to suit individual skin tones and shades needs. 
  • Sun Protection: Broad-spectrum, chemical-free SPF 20 offers optimum protection from the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays. 
  • Multi-use: Can be used as a primer to prep skin for either foundation for more coverage, or powder for a lighter finish.


  • Nice nude squeeze tube with an iridescent pink shimmer and gold lettering and detailing.
  • Generous amount of 1.5 oz


  • Snow Glow would work best on fair to light skin tone. It looks slightly light on me but once I applied powder over it, it actually blended well with my skin tone.
  • This BB cream is quite creamy, light-weight, and moisturizing. You could actually skip the moisturizer if you wanted to.
  • When looking up close I see a very subtle shimmer. It is barely noticeable but it's there. I guess that's what they meant by "light-diffusing pigments."
  • The cream is rather light and a bit sheer. I have some freckles, a couple pimples, and some old scars. It didn't cover them but it did a good job at evening out my skin tone and slightly blurred my freckles.
  • It does look a bit dewy after you've applied it. Some might like, some probably won't. I like to set it with powder to minimize the dewiness. 
  • I am a bit oily on the T-Zone and this doesn't prevent it from getting oily. 
  • The coverage last fairly well throughout the day for me, about 6 hours under normal condition. Once past the 6 hours, it starts to fade and I notice my face doesn't look as fresh and awake as it did when I first applied it. 

Final Thought

Overall, this BB cream only offer a very light coverage and helps even out skin tone. If you're oily, you probably won't like this much because it's very moisturizing, dewy, and doesn't control oil.
I personally like it. It's great for everyday use because it feels light and looks natural. I wished it lasted a bit longer than 6 hours though.

My rating: 9/10

Motives Nail Lacquer Tahiti Surf - Swatch and Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today, I'll be reviewing for you a nail polish that was sent to me by Motives Cosmetics for review.

What Motives say about their nail polishes
  • Long-lasting color
  • Brilliant, chip-resistant finish
  • Easy, smooth application
  • Sexy, trend-setting colors for every look
  • Free of toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate

Tahiti Surf is a beautiful teal blue with fine green shimmers. When I first saw it I thought oh wow this is nice! It looks very ocean-ish/tropical and that hint of green shimmers just adds more interest to the color. I felt like my nails were on vacation, ahah.

This polish comes with a small round brush, which I find worked well for me, especially since I have narrow nails. The formula was also really nice to work with. It was slightly on the thin side yet nicely pigmented and spread easily and smoothly on my nails without pooling. I was able to get opacity with just two coats. I love how shiny and glossy it looked upon application without the help of a top coat.

I wore it for 5 days, without base coat or top coat, and I noticed some minor tip wear and a couple small chips on some of my nails. It probably would have lasted a bit longer if I used a base and top coat.

As far as drying time, I would say about average. It was very hard for my camera to capture an accurate color on the nail swatches. For some reason, it makes the color look much brighter. The true color actually looks more like what you see on the bottle shot.

Overall, gorgeous color and wonderful formula to work with. Lasted fairly well, considering that I did not use a base or top coat.

My rating: 9.5/10

Price: $6.95
Available at

If you by any chance decide to purchase from Motives, I would greatly appreciate if you put me as reference when you register. My email is Motives has agreed to give 15% to 20% discount for my audience so be sure to mention that you were referred through my blog. You may message them for more detail on the discount. Also, purchase over $100 qualifies for free shipping. Let me know if  you have any questions. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hard Candy Swatches - Party Central and Crush On Tin

Hello Ladies,

Finally, got my tax done. I've been stalling but now that I can't do anything with this broken ankle, I've made an effort to get that out of the way. Can't wait for my fat payment to arrive.

These past few days, I've been pretty drugged up on pain killers. Most of the time, they knock me out cause they make me sleepy. I should be working on my reviews but I haven't really been in the mood lately. The aches, pain, and side effects are making me useless. I guess I'm slowly getting over the fact that this is going to be a long, (boring), and slow recovery. Can't wait to get back on my feet without those damn clutches.

Anyhoo, I'll try my hardest not to slack too much on my blog. These are the newest addition to the Hard Candy polishes I purchased.

Crush On Tin is gooooorgeous! Don't know how else to describe it. It's a dark, murky, olive green metallic foil with gold shimmers. 2 coats. Applied like a charm.

Party Central, not to be confused with Hip Hip Hooray, though both do look similar in some ways that you probably don't need both. Here I did 2 coats with a top coat. I wonder why they made these two so similar.

I guess the only difference that I can tell is that Hip Hip Hooray has more larger glitters, more purple, and less white. It also has a slightly more purple-ish tinge to the clear base.

OPI Polka.Com Swatches

How cute is this? is the only polish I picked out from the new Euro Central collection for Spring 2013. I guess I wasn't really feeling for the other colors. It seems like the only fun polish of the pack. has a clear base with blue, pink, and small purple glitters.

I did one coat of over Orly Oh Cabana Boy, and 1 coat by itself on the ring finger. I did apply a layer of topcoat on all of them. I'm not sure if I like this combo.

What would you pair with?

Monday, March 25, 2013

NYX Studio Liquid Liner Extreme Coffee Swatch

Hello ladies,

Here's a swatch of a NYX Studio Liquid Liner I purchased a couple weeks ago. I have the shade Extreme Coffee here, which to me looks more like a dark metallic bronze.
These liners last pretty much all day on me and won't budge until I take them off. It's pretty pigmented. It comes with a fairly good brush applicator, though I prefer felt tip applicator more since it gives me more precision and control but this is workable. I've done a more elaborate review HERE with additional swatches if you are interested to read more.

What's your favorite liquid liner?

Zoya Pixie Dust Vespa Swatches

I was curious to try out these new Pixie Dust finish from Zoya so I picked one out from my last trip to Ulta. I might get a couple more once Zoya has one of their promo going.

Vespa is a light sage green with fine silver glitters. I was able to get full opacity with two coats. You need a few minutes to allow the sugary, grainy, finish to appear as the polish dries. I'm quite liking how this looks on my nails. The silver glitters definitely adds more oomph and sparkle. It looks like I painted my nails with colored sugar, hehe. I feel that the graininess of the Pixie Dust is much finer and smoother than I expected. It feels much smoother than OPI liquid sand.

I used a top coat on the last picture, just so you can see how it would look like. So what do you think? Are you a fan of this finish?

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