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Thursday, November 18, 2010

NYX Studio Line Liquid Liner Review

A while back, I ordered 2 of theses NYX liquid liners and since I liked them so much I went back to purchase more.

  • Long lasting. Smudge-proof and budge-proof. Once it’s on, it stays on until you take it off with makeup remover.
  • Brush applicator that can draw fine or thick lines.
  • They have 12 shades to tickle your fancy.
  • They are affordable and worth the price tag.

  • They take a bit longer to dry, like 30 seconds or so. I recommend you not to apply them when you are in a rush.
  • They are not easily accessible and are only available online or I can’t even find them at my local Ulta.
  • Some may find the brush applicator a challenge for application.
 Overall, I like the staying power and the beautiful finish of these two shades. I prefer a felt-tip applicator over a brush applicator but I can make it work since the brush is stiff yet flexible to give me enough control. At less than $5 bucks you are definitely getting a deal with these. I recommend you check them out…Please let me know if you own the other shades and how you like them.

Extreme Gold is a bright metallic gold. I wished I had this when I was doing my masquerade makeup look for the outter gold detail of the mask. Now, that I have it I'm pretty excited.

Extreme Shappire is a bright metallic cool-toned blue. It actually doesn't look like a sapphire color in my opinion.

Extreme Silver is just a light metallic silver. I'm sure this color will come in handy.

Extreme Blue is a gorgeous intense blue. I absolutely love love this eyeliner. When I first received it my jaws just dropped. I can’t find the words to describe how pretty this blue is. Once dry, it has a glossy metallic finish. I have not seen an eyeliner shade quite like this. It really makes your eyes pop and looks very flattering. I receive A LOT of compliments when I wear this eyeliner…Cause it’s just that noticeable and pretty!

Extreme Purple seems a bit more watery and not as pigmented so you will need to layer it to get a more intense color. It has a beautiful glossy metallic finish when dry as well. Although it looks very pretty, it just doesn’t pop like Extreme Blue does. I still like it much even if I favor Extreme Blue.


  1. Can you show a picture of how it looks on your eye?

    1. Here are some looks I did using these liners. I would suggest you type in a key word in the search box and it will pull all the posts that contains the key word. That's how I was able to find these posts for you


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