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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cheapies but goodies

So I had to run some errands today…groceries, household items, and stuff for my daughter’s project. We stopped by the Dollar Tree store close by where I live and as usual, I always make a stop by the beauty isle. I found these Art Deco nail polishes by L.A. Colors and they had so many colors! I knew I wanted to grab a few of them because I only have a couple of these. If you haven’t tried these yet, basically they are just like nail polishes but they come with a fine long brush that’s specially made for nail art design. I usually find these at Forever 21 and Sally Beauty Supply but you won’t get them for a dollar there. I think they retail between $2 and $3. I know it’s not much but still a good deal to get them at half price.
The other things I picked up are these Revlon Matte eyeshadows. They of course had more shades but I only grabbed the ones I didn’t have. These usually retail for about $4.00, so I was thrilled to buy them for only a dollar a piece. These eyeshadows are so pigmented and good quality for being matte.
Other products I saw there but didn’t buy are Sally Hensen, L.A. Colors eyeshadows and lipsticks, ELF eyeshadow quads and gloss, Maybelline lipliners, etc…You guys should check out your local dollar store when you get a chance. You never know what you may find. This Dollar Tree doesn’t always have the same thing, every time I go there, I always find something new.

I used a plain black nail polish as base to swatch these nail art polishes.
Yellow – This is a bright yellow but the formula goes a bit on the sheer side. It has no shimmers or glitters.

Baby Pink – This is a soft pink with white pearly shimmers. Applies opaque.

Bright Green – The name says it all. This applies a bit on the sheer side with no shimmers or glitters.

Magenta – This is a pinkish purple with white pearly shimmers. Applies opaque.

White – This has no shimmers or glitters and applies opaque.


Tempting Teal – It doesn’t look anything close to teal in the pan but once it is swatched there’s a little hint of it. I still find the name misleading. This looks more like a cool-toned dark sage green.

Venetian Blue – This is such a bright and pretty matte blue color. I can just imagine creating a very bold look with this color.


  1. i've been wanting to get those art deco polishes - but thought they wouldn't be very pigmented let along of good quality. you got me thinking twice on that!

  2. The ones that has pearly shimmers are very pigmented...the bright green and yellow was kinda sheer so need an extra layer for it to show up. I think pigmentation depends on the color you get.

  3. Btw, which brand do you use?


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