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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sephora F&F Haul - Guerlain, YSL, Urban Decay

I purchased the following items from Sephora's website during the Friends and Family discounts (20% off everything). I hope many of you had the chance to snag some goodies too during the sale. My order arrived last friday but with Halloween and hectic long work days, I didn't find the time to post these up sooner.

I picked up some fancy lipsticks :D

Guerlain Rouge G - Grenade (Limited Edition) is definitely a luxurious beauty product. I heard so many great things about it that I couldn't resist getting one with the discount because I'm literally saving $9.20 from the retail price. The packaging is very elegant and sophisticated, not to mention heavy. A good portion of the price goes toward this beautiful case. When you pull the lipstick tube out, the mirror automatically opens. The base of the tube is magnetic and helps keep the mirror and lipstick secure when not in use.

Grenade is a pearly raspberry color. You can get a pretty opaque coverage if you layer it. The formula is fantastic. It glides very smoothly and feels velvety on the lips. It is also very moisturizing and long-wearing. It lasts a good 4 hours on my lips and still keeps my dry lips hydrated. It has a strong perfumy/cosmetic scent to it but I personally do not find it bothersome. This is the most expensive lipstick I've bought till now ($46) and I'm sure not going to pick another one of those anytime soon. If you want to splurge on a luxurious lipstick, this is definitely one to consider.

Another high-end lipstick I wanted to try is Yves Saint Laurent. Rouge Pur Couture is a new addition to the line. The case looks very shiny and metallic gold. Overall, it looks simple yet classy. My only complaint is that the case gets scratched easily.

I picked up the color rouge vermillon. It's another raspberry pink with some warm undertone to it. I am not disappointed with this lipstick either. The formula is creamy, smooth, pigmented, very moisturizing, and diminish the look of cracked dry lips. It has a satin finish and smells wonderful! Like a mix of fruity and floral. 

So because I ordered online and it was hard to tell the true color of the lipstick until I see it for myself, I came to the conclusion that the two lipsticks I bought were very similar in color. Guerlain Rouge G Grenade just happen to have more sheen and Rouge Vermillion is creamier and applies more opaque but the colors are pretty darn close! ***sigh*** I'm gonna have to go to Sephora and exchange one of those for a different shade.

I was very tempted to snag the new Urban Decay BOS, just because everyone else wants or has one, lol. Then I reminded myself that I'd probably wouldn't wear it much and it would just sit there in my makeup stash. So instead, I picked up the Black Palette. The colors from this palette are not as bright or bold as the other BOS. I'd probably would wear these more often and with the right application, would be able to pull it off for office appropriate look. Like other UD eyeshadows, these shades hold the same quality: pigmented, creamy, smooth, and blendable.

On the top row of the Black Palette, we have Black Dog, which is a matte intense black eyeshadow. Barracuda is a greyish silver eyeshadow with fine green and pearly shimmers. Jet is a cool-toned greyish purple with fine blue and pink shimmers. All swatches from this palette are done without a primer. You can see how pigmented they already are. With a primer they would look more intense and a little brighter.

Sabbath is a cool-toned dark navy blue with fine blue and pearly shimmers. Cobra is a brownish green color with fine gold and green shimmers, this color reminded me a lot of MAC Pearlglide eyeliner in Black Line. Libertine is a dark forest green color with fine green shimmers.

Lastly, I bought this Buxom lipstick and lipgloss set. I didn't swatch these because I was planning on reselling them. However, if no one buys them, I'd be happy to keep them to myself and will do a swatch/review later in that case. When I tested them out at the store, I liked them a lot. They smelled nice like baked muffins and have good pigmentation. I like that there is a good combination of pink, mauve, and nude. Colors that are generally easy to wear and look nice on every skin tone.

Hope you enjoyed checking out my haul and that it was also informative. Please, feel free to comment or ask questions. Let me know what you bought as well.

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