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Monday, November 22, 2010

OPI Burlesque Collection Nail Polishes (Glitters)

Last weekend, I went on a nail polish shopping spree and bought a ton of nail polishes, lol. Major nail polish haul, I got going here. Anyhoo, these OPI from the Burlesque collection just recently hit the stores and OMG, I absolutely love that collection and they are flying off the shelves very quickly. This collection was inspired by the upcoming movie "Burlesque" and has bright, colorful, and dazzling glitter and shimmer nail polishes. I wasn't able to get the whole collection but enough to make me happy and giddy. So if you see anything you like, don't miss out and get yourself some of these babies because they are limited edition and won't be around forever. I will post the OPI Burlesque shimmers separately. I may go back to the store and purchase the other glitters I didn't get. If I do, I will update and add them on this post. These glitter polishes are just so pretty and a must have in your arsenal if you are a nail polish fanatic. I swatched them on their own but they will also look very nice with a colored base polish underneath. FYI, these retail for $8.50 a bottle.

OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza! The predominant glitter colors in this mix is orange and silver.

Extra-Va-Vaganza - you get a lot of glitter with 2 to 3 coats.

OPI Sparkle-icious. The predominant glitters in this mix is blue, gold, and magenta.

Sparkle-icious...This is my favorite out of the three. I like the colors of this glitter nail polish. 2 to 3 coat is enough to get all those glitters to cover your nails.

OPI Glow Up Already! The predominant glitter colors in this mix is olive green, magenta, and orange.

Glow Up Already! Once again just 2 to 3 coats and you're good to go.

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