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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sephora & MAC Haul

I'm so excited about the new goodies I purchased today that I don't even know where to begin. Today was Sephora's kick off party for VIBs. If you don't know yet, what VIB stands for is Very Important Beauty Insider. To earn VIB status, you have to spend $350.00 at Sephora from January through December. As a VIB, I was able to save 20% off my purchase and so did my sister since I was allowed to bring a guest. I still have until November 15 to take advantage of the savings. Unfortunately, there was some products my local Sephora didn't have that I wanted. I'll be making a second purchase online to get the rest of my goodies. I also received this fancy vinyl Sephora bag that looks no different than the bag you normally get from Sephora, except that it isn't made of paper. Boo you Sephora! LOL...You could've made the bag better, like pink or something. For the record, I normally don't shop at Sephora much and my boy-friend contributed to my VIB status as he has bought me some goodies from there a few months ago.
Last week, I also pre-ordered a few things from MAC Tartan Tale collection (Chapter 2), which launched today in stores. This collection is so huge, I'm totally lost with what they have. One thing I know for sure is I got what I wanted.

So these are what I got from Sephora for myself. This Benefit Femme Metale set sure got my attention. The colors are very holiday-ish (silver, gold, and burgundy). I heard a lot of rave about the Philosophy face wash, so I got this small bottle and going to give it a whirl. I'll let you know what I think as I will do a separate review on these items.

Chapter 2 is mainly sets. They got liplass sets, pigment sets, and nail polish sets. Chapter 1 consists of lips, eyes, and face kit as well as lips, eyes, and brush bags. I think the bags are nice and I'm digging the teddy bear. It looks so cute. Perfect as a collectible item if you are a MAC fanatic. I purchased all 3 pigment sets. These are my first MAC pigments. They are not full-sized but there is plenty of product inside to last me a very long time. On top of that they are a much better value rather than buying the full-size individually. You get 5 different pigments in each set, some of which are limited edition, repromotes, and from the permanent line. From left to right: 5 Cool Thrillseekers pigments/glitter, 5 Smokey Thrillseekers pigments/glitter, and 5 Warm Thrillseekers pigment/glitter

This is just a quick view of what I bought today. I will do a separate review and swatches on these products so they are not all packed in just one post. Did you purchase anything from Sephora recently or MAC?


  1. I love your hauls!!!! Guess what? I finally got the UD Naked Palette!!!! Yay me! I went yesterday for the VIB thing and they had the palettes in stock. I was really thinking of buying all of them and reselling since it's such a hot item hahaha. But no, I know how it feels to have the item out of stock so I decided not to. =(

  2. let me know about philosophy, i was just looking at their regimen, wasn't sure it was worth the big bucks.

  3. I'm glad you finally got NAKED! hehe IDK why it's taking them so long to make more.

  4. I will do a review about the Philosophy face wash. I want to test it out first and probably will report back in a week or two.


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