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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Circle Lens Full Review

Almost a year ago, I discovered circle lens on YouTube and was very intrigued so I started doing some research about them. For those who still don't know what circle lens are, they are special lenses that are made to enlarge the iris of your eyes and to give you the effect of big dolly eyes. I believe they originated in Korea and are quite popular in Asia. Circle lenses are not for everyone and can look a bit unnatural and freaky depending on the style you select. Some people may dislike them but I personally love how they make my eyes pop.
In February 2010, my boy-friend agreed to get them for me. I asked him to purchased them from *Pinky Paradise as I have heard many good reviews about this site. Other sellers with ask you to pre-order and include your order along with others as a batch; therefore, it may take longer to receive your lenses. I decided to go with Pinkyparadise because they have a large selection already in stock, and many of which also come with prescription for those who need it. My boy-friend ordered them during the Chinese new year and as a result they were closed for a week so it took a little longer for me to receive my order. Others have claimed to receive their contacts within a week or two but it took about 3 weeks for me. By the way, the order came from Malaysia. I know for a lot of us, it is a concern to order from a foreign country that we don't know anything about. In that case, we just have to take a chance to find out. I have looked at a few websites that sell circle lenses and so far, this one is pretty reasonable in price and the good reviews encouraged me to buy from them.
You've probably heard the controversies and warnings about circle lenses in the media. I personally think they are just full of BS because they just don't want you to take your business outside of the US. I have been a contact lens user for over 10 years and just started wearing circle lenses this year. Basically, any contacts even FDA approved, can pose potential risk if you do not handle them properly. Making sure your hands are cleaned and sanitized before touching the lenses and your eyes are very important to prevent infections. I have not had any problems with my circle lenses and I personally find them more comfortable than the regular contacts. They can be used for a whole year before you toss them out. I used to wear the FreshLook color contacts and after 2 weeks, they start to feel a little scratchy and irritating on my eyes. But these circle lenses don't do that. Many of the reviews I've heard or read recommend that you shouldn't be wearing them for more than 6 hours but I need them so I do wear them for 10+ hours. I don't experience any dryness or discomfort after 6 hours...then again that's just me. I believe everyone reacts differently. My eyes are not that sensitive.
I only have 3 pairs (grey, green, and violet) and I can't wait to order more colors and different style. The following pictures were taken when I first received them.

They are packaged inside these little glass containers. You should take them out and soak them in your regular contact lens solution for 6 hours before putting them in your eyes. I think the solution they come in have some disinfecting agent that I heard will irritate and burn your eyes if you immediately put them on when you open them. The top of the container is securely wrapped with a thick aluminum cap. Be very careful when removing the cap as it will create sharp edges when you pop it. I used tweezers to pull the cap. Pinkyparadise also include these cute animal contact cases with each pair you purchase.

Geo Angel Green - the dark ring on the outer edge emphasize the shape and color of your eyes. It looks a bit unnatural when up close but with a little distance, doesn't seem as frightening.  This color is very intense and has a hint of blue. It's 14.00 mm in diameter. Not the biggest enlargement effect you can get but still slightly larger than your natural eyes. Geo contact lenses come with an authenticity code on each of them. Follow the instruction on the package to verify authenticity.

Geo Nudy Grey - this pair doesn't have a dark ring on the outer edge like the Geo Angel. It is 14.00 mm. It has a pixelated pattern, giving you the effect of reptile eyes. I don't like it as much as I thought I would.

Wonder Eye Violet - This one has a significantly bigger enlargement effect compared to the last two as it is 14.7 mm. This pair makes my eyes scary cute! But I'm actually loving it. If you want the big big dolly eyes, you should pick a diameter over 14 mm. The outer black ring adds more definition to my eyes. Since these are larger, you will notice a halo effect around your eyes, especially when you move your eyeballs. These look quite unnatural because they are so huge but since the color is not over-the-top, I find it easy to pull off. My only and main complain about this particular brand is that even though I selected the right prescription, it still feels pretty weak. I don't wear these as often because of that reason.
Well that's it for my review. Let me know if you have any questions. I plan on ordering a more natural color like brown in the future. Hopefully soon. Let me know what you think of circle lenses if you'd like to share.

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  1. I wore them like 3 or 4 years ago, don't remember the brand, I bought them in China and then somehow I just felt the lens got thick, Im sure the lens didn't changed, but my feeling. Can you tell the thickness difference from these to the regular contacts?

  2. I love circle lens too! I do have one that feels very thick and it bothers my eyelid a lot, but the other three are quite comfy. Thanks for the info and website to where you got yours. I get mine from kiwiberry1

  3. i heart circle lenses too. I get mine through kiwiberry b/c they're cheaper and I like the many discounts I've gotten from them. HOWEVER, I love the pinky paradise lens cases!! SO CUTE!!!!

  4. Aww, I think they look great but I have prescription contacts and have astigmatism in one of my eyes and it will cost me a years worth of contacts for me to just get one pair. =( But for you all with you clear vision, keep sporting them! They look great.

  5. Rachel, they are slightly thicker but still comfortable to wear.
    Thanks the website I need to check it out.


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