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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque - Coromandel (72)

The packaging is sleek, black, and classy. The tube has a nice weight to it and displays Chanel's logo on top of the cap

So I was at the mall earlier today and decided to check out Chanel's makeup line. I impulsively bought this lipgloss because for the longest time I have been wanting to try something from Chanel. I am so happy of my purchase today. These Rouge Allure Laque have an amazing formula! They are super pigmented and apply quite opaque with just one layer! Feels thin and non-sticky, surprisingly very moisturizing. It doesn't feel like lipgloss at all...more like liquid lipstick, if that makes any sense. It leaves a glossy shine that makes my lips look full and luscious. It also has a very light pleasant perfumy scent. I am so tempted to just go back and buy the rest of the colors. Only con is it cost $32.

Doe-foot applicator. If you're looking to try shades of red, Coromandel is something worth considering.

This color really stood out of the pack. I have nothing quite like it. Coromandel (72) is a warm red lipcolor with a hint of orange. I find that this shade of red suits me best. It has very fine gold mico-shimmers as well that don't really appear noticeable unless you look really up close. This lipgloss will leave a stain on your lip and is meant to be long-wearing.

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