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Friday, November 26, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Soft Nude Vs. MAC Creme D'Nude

I've decided to compare these 2 popular nude lipsticks because they are favorites among many. MAC lipstick retails for $14.50 and Revlon Colorburst retails for about $7.00 (depending on where you purchase them).

I personally prefer the packaging of Revlon's Colorbust Lipsticks. It looks more sophisticated whereas MAC's packaging is plain and boring. On the other hand, I prefer the vanilla scent of MAC's lipsticks. Revlon Colorburst has a very faint synthetic scent that is barely noticeable and vanishes after you apply it.

Soft Nude is a light coral nude with warmer undertone whereas Creme D'Nude is a light pinkish nude with cooler undertone. Creme D'Nude also has a lot more sheen.

I applied both lipsticks on each side of my lips so we can compare how they show up. Creme D'Nude looks a lot milkier and feels more slippery. I find that the color doesn't apply evenly and the formula emphasized my dry lips as it settles between the lines. Soft Nude isn't as slippery. The color applies evenly and I find that the formula doesn't make my flaky dry lips look obvious.

I'm not a big fan of nude lipsticks. I feel like they make me look more pale than I already am. I tend to go for a lip product that shows more color. Honestly, I really do not like the formula in Creme D'Nude. I hate how uneven and slippery it applies. It was very pretty when I swatched it on my hand but it's way too light on my lips and pretty much erases them. I am in favor of the Soft Nude formula and I'm glad that the color doesn't make me look pale as a corpse.

Overall, I wouldn't consider them dupes. Creme D'Nude would look best on very fair and cool toned skin. I am light but not that pale. Since it's become colder I've gotten lighter now. My guess would be that my complexion falls within MAC NC25.

Which one is your favorite nude lipstick?


  1. My favorite is Loreal's Nude, I can't remember if it just says nude but it goes with my skin tone best.

  2. I like this comparison review very much! Thank you for this awesome review Pang!


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