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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bow-tie Jewelry Obsession

I wanted to do a fun makeup look tonight but I am so tired that hopefully, I'll be able to do one tomorrow. Meanwhile, I just wanted to share with you girls some jewelries that I really enjoy.
I am obsessed with bow-tie jewelries. I think they are adorable, cute, and girly. I don't know, perhaps I am a little too old for it but I can't help it, lol. Every time I come across one, I just can't turn away. This is my little collection of bow ties.

I love Betsey Johnson's jewelries, particularly those that come with these cute little bows, rhinestone, or pearl. She is so creative and her designs are always fun and different. I also love her shoes. The bow is like her signature touch. I bought these off Ebay and got a good deal on them. They normally retail between $30-$45 and can be found at Macy's and other department stores. These are made of good quality materials and will not tarnish.

I found this necklace at Forever 21 few months ago. It was supposed to come with earrings but they were missing so they gave me a 10% discount since it was the last one on the rack.

I got these earrings from Charlotte Russe. They are quite big, about one inch wide. Charlotte Russe earrings are so affordable and always 2 pairs for $8.00. I love getting my jewelries from there. I always find something I like.

When I saw this ring, it was instant love. It was also pretty cheap so I couldn't pass it up.

I don't remember what brand this was but I bought it from Burlington Coat Factory for about $5.00

I bought this ring from Target and it was the last one on the rack too. This is made of stearling silver. I'm glad that the bow isn't so huge. It looks very classy and elegant. Cost $20.00

Do you own any bow tie jewelries? If so, where did you purchase yours?

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  1. i have 1 bow tie earring - it's super cute! bow ties are uberly cuteness!


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