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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows, Swatch, and Review - Bella Navy, Bella Charcoal, Bella Rouge

Hello! I'm back...I caught the cold few days ago. That was a shocker. I can't remember the last time I got sick. I have this crazy itch in my throat that still continues to bother me. I coughed so hard this morning, I got bloodshot eyes. Kids are back to school and today the weather really felt like fall. Wow! Summer went fast.

I came across these new Milani eyeshadows at CVS a few weeks ago and picked out a couple of these to try out.

  • Cute, round, with gold detail packaging. The eyeshadow is not flat but has a raised molding. 
  • .05 oz or 1.4 g

  • Bella Charcoal is a cool tone shimmery taupey grey
  • Bella Navy is a shimmery medium dark navy
  • Bella Rouge is a bright shimmery pinkish red
  • Bella Charcoal and Bella Navy have a better pigmentation than Bella Rouge. 
  • the texture is nice, soft, and has a butter smooth feel to it. The pigmentation is good but could be better, imo. 
  • They are easy to apply and blend.
  • You definitely need a good primer in order for these to pop and last. The color intensity definitely looks better when applied with fingers. Even so, I feel that by the 5th hour, they start to fade.

Final Thought

Nice packaging. Good pigmentation, soft, and blendable color. I just wish the pigmentation was a little stronger and that the longevity was a little longer too. Other than that, it's a fairly good eyeshadow.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $3.99
Availability: CVS, Walgreens

Tried them yet? Tell me what you think of them?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Brush Set Haul and First Impression

Saturday night, I stopped by Target to pick out a gift for my nephew's birthday and I also happen to be walking by the beauty isle. Not surprising...However, the moment I spotted this brush set, I was smitten! In my head, I was screaming out loud "come'on gurl, you don't need anymore brushes!" yet another voice in my head was saying "wow would you look at how beautiful these are!" So I stood there for a good 10 minutes debating whether I should take it or leave it and eventually bravely put it back on the shelf.

Went home slightly disappointed but started obsessing over it and started to look up for reviews and finally decided that I just needed to go back and grab the damn thing before it sells out. Ha! So you guessed what happened next, I went back to Target yesterday. There was still 3 boxes on the self. I grabbed one for myself and as soon as I got home, started taking pictures of them, bathed them, and pet them like a newly adopted puppy.

Anyways, I cannot believe none of the bloggers I follow mentioned about this brush set. Are you for real? I think it is worth mentioning even if you don't plan on getting it. The packaging is gorgeous and mostly the selling point for me. Look are the gorgeously purple tinted bristles, the deep eggplant purple handles, and the gold accent ferrule. What's not to like?

There is a total of 15 brushes for $39.99. You're probably wondering, is it worth it? Is the quality any good? Well...let's take a look.

First thing I noticed when I washed them is that the purple dye wasn't bleeding or coming off. There is very little shedding. The one that lost a little more hair was the powder brush, granted I'm pretty rough when I was my brushes.

Powder brush - very fluffy and soft. Not as dense as I would like but it would still be good for setting powders.

Blusher brush - very fluffy and soft. A bit too big for blusher brush, IMO. I would probably prefer to use this one for setting powders rather than the powder brush.

Duo-Fiber Buffing brush - it's a bit small for using with foundation but I think it's the perfect size for contouring or brushing. It's soft and has a good density to it.

Synthetic Angled Multi-Purpose brush - this one is also soft and would be good for applying foundation although, it's slightly small. Density is also good.

Contour Brush - if you want a very defined contour then this is the brush for you. It's dense and soft.

Foundation Brush - probably the least exciting brush of the pack. Most people would not use this for applying foundation since it can look pretty streaky and uneven.

Concealer brush - it's small and good for small spot concealing or can be used as a lip brush.

Blending brush - it's soft, fluffy, and dense. I think it's a good blending brush.

Crease brush - medium size, round, soft, and dense. I think it'll do the job well on the crease.

Small eyeshadow brush - I think it's a good size, especially if you have smaller eyes. I like the shape and density of it.

Fluffy eyeshadow brush - this would be perfect for blending. It's soft yet very dense and a bit big. You could use this as an all over eyeshadow wash.

Precision Smudge brush - it's more of a pencil brush. Nice size and shape and would do well for smudging as well.

Synthetic Angled liner Brush - it has a very thin point and perfect for lining the eyes.

Smudge brush - It's pretty small and good for small details, smudging eyeliners, or applying eyeliners.

Spoolie - yay for a purple spoolie! I don't have a spoolie brush so I'm happy for this.

Overall, for the price, I think you get a pretty nice set. I love the packaging and the purple bristles. As far as quality goes, it's not top notch but it's not bad either. They have a good quality and feel to them. Certain brushes, I wished were bigger or smaller. I will have a use for all of them eventually, except maybe the foundation brush.

If you need a good and affordable brush set, I would definitely recommend the Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary brush set but hurry this is limited edition and won't be around for long and I heard each store only carry 2 or 3 sets of these.

Thoughts? Would you be getting these?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Essence Metal Glam Coffee To Glow - Swatch and Review

Yay to a long weekend!  I'm stressing just thinking about the amount of work I have left waiting on me when the weekend is over.
I picked up this Essence eyeshadow from Ulta a little while back and here's the overdue review for you...

  • Nothing fancy but functional and not too bulky. 
  • The top layer is an overspray. Once you scratch through that layer, the shimmers underneath aren't that sparkly. 
  • .09 oz / 2.7 g

  • Coffee to Glow is a medium shimmery light cool toned brown with gold shimmers.
  • Formula has a bit of a weird and slightly creamy feel. Pigmentation not so great. I find that it adheres better on the skin with a glitter primer and by patting it on with your finger instead of a brush.
  • Needs a primer for better color payoff, application, and longevity.
  • Last about 5 hours before showing signs of fading.

Final Thought

It's a shame the formula is not that great but with the right tools and application, you can make it work eventually.

Rating: 7/10

Price: $2.99
Availability: Ulta

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rainbow Jelly Nail Look

In all my years as a team lead and trainer, I still can't comprehend why people don't ask questions when they have no clue of what you are asking them to do and to make matters worst, they act like they know it. Yeah!! I don't know what they don't know until I start to sound like a broken record and the job doesn't get done properly, it makes me wanna penguin slap sometimes. Wooo Sahhh! Thank goodness mama taught me better but I guess it doesn't hurt to have a bit of imagination.

Anyways, my nails were bare, I'm annoyed, so I decided to distract myself and have a rainbow party on my nails to make things better. Ain't it pretty!? I love how it turned out.Truth be told, I didn't come up with the idea. I saw this nail look on Pinterest and I knew that I have to try it! It's actually really easy to do.

First, I painted my nail with a dark base. Here I used L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel Lacque in All Shine on Me. Secondly, I apply a couple layers of Finger Paints Santa's Magic, which is a silver holo glitter.
Next, I dabbed a 2 or 3 different Jelly colors on each nails. I used L'Oreal Miss Pixie, Berry Nice, Jolly Lolly, Mango Mama, and Zoya Frida.
And to complete the look, I sealed the mani with Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Grey/Burgundy/Purple Makeup Look

Finally got around to doing a makeup look. I say it looks fall-ish. I like how the eye makeup isn't just plain grey but got a bit of burgundy and a little pop of shimmery violet on the lower lash line to brighten up the look a bit and make it a little more interesting. Oh and I also concocted this beautiful purple lip color with the new OCC lip tars that I got from my recent haul.

Product Used



  • Mixed OCC Pagan, OCC Feathered, and OCC NSFW lip tars to obtain this gorgeous plummy purple shade. I like how it makes my teeth look whiter. 

Whatchu think? What would you pair a purple lipstick with? What is your favorite shade of purple?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sephora Haul and Swatches - OCC Lip Tars Unknown Pleasures

Yes! I am back again with unconventional lip colors. What can I say? I think they look cool and I'm having fun with them.

I had my eyes on a couple of the new OCC lip tars Unknown Pleasures collection and as soon as they became available on Sephora's website, I placed my order. The two that I got from the collection are Pagan and Technopagan. I decided to get Feathered as well but for mixing and lightening colors. Each tube runs for $18.00 and contains .33 oz / 10 ml. Currently, they are all sold out at

If you are not familiar with OCC lip tars, they are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks that come in a squeezable tube. They are cruelty-free, vegan, and have a minty scent.

I used my Beauty Insider points to obtain this Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing oil gel and Sephora Rouge Infusion lip stain. The shade I received is Red Essence. Will do a separate review when I get a chance.

And I got a few samples, which is one of the nice things I like about ordering online from Sephora.

At last, here are the swatches of the lip tars I picked up...

OCC Pagan

Pagan is a very deep, dark, eggplant purple. It looks almost black. I think it is a bit too dark for my liking since it's leaning toward black which is why I am so glad I got Feathered. It's easy to apply. A little goes a long way because the pigmentation is quite intense. It feels smooth and comfortable on the lips but it will bleed within a few minutes so I highly recommend using a lip liner underneath. It may look a little uneven up close but if you press your lips together, that will help even it out. It has a shiny finish at first but as you wear it, it goes away and becomes more satin matte. Beware, it will stain your lips and fade to a bruise like color.

OCC Pagan

OCC Pagan

OCC Technopagan

Technopagan is, I think, the star of this collection. If you're only going to get one thing from the collection, this would be it. It is a deep blurple with a blue shimmer and metallic finish. I find this shade or finish, a bit thicker than the OCC matte finish so you would need a bit more to be able to spread it across the lips as it will tug a bit if you don't use enough product. It does feel a little drier and stickier...However the end result is pretty bad ass. Looks futuristic. You will get a pinkish purple stain left behind with this shade. 

OCC Technopagan

OCC Technopagan

MBA Indigo is similar but brighter and bluer, not as thick or metallic as Technopagan.

OCC Feathered

Feathered is a plain white lip color. It is fairly pigmented and I was surprised that the application was as even as it looked. I personally wouldn't wear it on its own. I look pretty freaky with white lips, especially when I smile lol, so yeah I decided not to smile. The texture is smooth and applies easily. Doesn't look shiny like the other matte lip tar. This is perfect for mixing and lightening any lipsticks that you have. Giving you more versatility and option to create different shades. You control how light you wanna go. Isn't that awesome?

OCC Feathered

OCC Feathered

Here's is a combination of lip color mixture I came up with. I have been looking for a shade like #3 for the longest time and I'm so happy I can just mix up a few colors to get it. I love the medium dark grey #4 I was able to obtain by mixing Feathered with MBA Khol. I have been lemming about getting Space Cake from Melt Cosmetics (but didn't want to pay $19 plus shipping) and this looks pretty similar to it...YESSS!!! Now if I can only get my hands on or mix something similar to Blow, I will feel complete!

There is a total of 6 new shades from the OCC Unknown Pleasures collection. Did you find any that appeals to you? Do you mix lipsticks to get the shade you want? If yes, what is your favorite combo?

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