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Monday, November 21, 2011

CCO Haul and Swatches

Usually when I go to the outlet mall, the CCO is the first thing that comes to mind. I haven't been there in months so I was curious to see what I will find. To be honest, I didn't really see much that caught my attention, which is good I suppose. Still managed to do some damage regardless, ughhh, yeah I know, I have a problem but whatever, it makes me happy.

I think I can say that the BB Styling lotion wasn't something that I needed but bought it out of curiousity and impulse since I did enjoy the shampoo and conditioner that I got from my Sephora 500 point perk a while back. This product is suppose to be used for blow drying or when using hot tools for volume, flexible hold, and protecting hair from the heat. It cost $16.00 at the CCO. Retail price is $24.00 according to the product's website.

Pure by DKNY eau de parfum, 1 oz, $36.00. Retails for $45.00 at Sephora. Just wanted to try out this new scent. I really liked it when I first smelled it. Sephora describes this as simple, calm, and authentic. Notes: vanilla, dew-drop petal, lotus flower, bulgarian rose, jasmine, freesia, lush orchid, white amber, and creamy sandalwood. As you can see, it is a floral scent, and typically what I normally go for. I like the soft and feminine scent from this fragrance. I can see myself using this on my typical days.

Saving the best for last...I purchased 4 more Estee Lauder Double Wear shadow creme. They've actually added a lot more color than the last time I was there and I was pretty excited about that. I've already done a review on the two previous shades (Deep Orchid and Silver Leaf) that I purchased a little while back, so I imagine these works just as well. CCO price $12.25. Retail price $17.50. On a side note, I was not allowed to purchase all these at once. The cashier told me that I could only buy 3 so I made my sister buy the 4th one, lol. Thankssss! But what a bummer that there is a limit, especially when you don't live that close to a CCO.
Since I've already done a review, I'm only including swatches for these colors:
  • Buttercreme - shimmery light peach
  • Precious Jade - sage green with gold shimmers
  • Cafe Au Lait - light shimmery beige
  • Gold Dust - shimmery muted gold

So that's it for my haul. Hope you found the swatches helpful.

Have you tried any of these products or would be interested to?


  1. Why in the world would they put a limit on how many you can buy at one time? That is so stupid.

  2. I think because they are just being stingy and are afraid that you are going to resell them and make profit. They also have a limit on your total purchase too. Ughh yeah that's irritating.

  3. Wow, the Estee Lauder shadows are beyond amazing! I have to pick them up! I love every single color.


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