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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Swatch - Plum Luck and Red Zin

Here I go again with more nail polish...
I purchased these from Walgreens last week because they were on sale, two for $10.00 and because I have never tried these polishes before. When not on sale, I think they cost almost as much as OPI and Essie polishes, which is why I never really bothered but the sale was a good opportunity to give them a try.
The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle is that the brush is huge and flat as well as the brush stick. The opening of the bottle is a bit narrow for the brush stick so you have to be careful when dipping your brush back in the bottle. The bristles are a bit uneven and there is inconsistencies in the shape of the bristles. The brush from Red Zin was completely twisted when I opened it and I had to inconveniently go back to the store to exchange it for a different one. I made sure that I opened the bottle and check the bristles before I exchange it. Again, same inconsistencies in the shape of the bristles with every bottle that I opened.
So with that said, my advice would be that if you've never tried these and are interested, make sure you check the bristles before you take your polish to the cash register.
Other than that, as far as the formula goes, the color of the polish is very pigmented. You can get a very good coverage with one coat but it may look slightly uneven so I prefer to apply a second coat to fix that. Again, I had a bit of issue with the brush being a little too big so I had to be careful not to put too much pressure upon application otherwise the bristles would splay and get polishes on my cuticles. Also the brush pick up a lot of product so make sure you wipe the excess polish before you apply, otherwise it will drip all over your nail.
Other than the fact that I am not really loving the brush and bristles because it requires me to be more careful than I usually need to be, the polish itself is nice. If you have small or narrow nails, you will find this polish a bit difficult to work with. Since the brush is stuch a pain in my butt, I personally think that these are not worth it at regular price.

Plum Luck is a dark plum with a greyish undertone and cream finish. I don't have a color like this in my collection and I like it.


I don't typically wear red nail polish but I picked up Red Zin because it's a darker cool-toned red with a cream finish. On the first coat, it looks like bright fresh blood. On the second coat, it looks like thickened blood, lol. As you can see, it looks a lot brighter with the flash on but under normal lighting it's not so bright. It's a more wearable red in my opinion.

I doubt I will get anymore of these since I already picked up the colors that appealed to me the most and that I didn't already have. They have a decent range of colors but there are a lot more fun polishes out there.

So what do you think of this polish line? Have you had better luck?

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  1. Wow! These are so gorgeous! I don't have any of these in my collection yet, but you're sure making me want some! Thanks for sharing ;D


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