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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick - Divine

The other night when I was doing my lipstick swatches, I'm glad that I swatched this one last because it stained the heck out of my lips and I couldn't get it off. So I ended up going to work with the bright (in your face) bumble gum pink stain that it left behind, lol. Not cool.
The color is absolutely beautiful. I loooooove it and I don't have any color like this one in my stash. This is what I call a fuchsia/magenta hybrid, lol.
This is a satin finish and the formula applies smoothly and is very long-wearing. Cover Girl claims this product to be very moisturizing but I don't agree with it much. My lips still feel dry after a few hours.
As much as I love the color of this lipstick, I tend to avoid it because of the aftermath, lol. I really wish it wouldn't stain so bad!
For a review and swatches of Entwined and Kiss, please click HERE.

What other shades of this line would you recommend?

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  1. This lipstick is actually up there with some of my favorite lippies. I love the CoverGirl LipPerfection line of lipsticks in general. The stain from Divine is a bit of a setback, but if I take off the lipstick in the early evening and gently exfoliate my lips, the stain is usually gone in the morning.

  2. The color is stunning, love it...that's a shame it doesn't go off easily tho...
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