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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Storage Solution For My Beauty Station

So I was trying to figure a way to make my makeup station a little more organized and thought about getting a shelf type of storage. I try to make my beauty product easy to reach and easy to find since I tend to neglect a lot of them because they are not within reach or sight.
I found this shelf unit at Target for $15.00. It's like the perfect size. Not too big and not too small.
When I arrived home from shopping, I asked my son if he was busy and he told me he wasn't so I asked if he could put it together for me since I don't really like to do that sort of thing and I was tired from a long day. It only took him like 15 minutes to assemble it. Then it took me hours to reorganize everything.
At first, I thought about just leaving it on my desk but figure I would save a lot more space if I just hang it on the wall.

After I filled up my shelf, I felt like I needed to get another one, lol.

If you have some wall space and need some storage solution for makeup or whatever else, I think this shelf comes in very handy!
I'm so proud of myself, I've done such great improvement in how my makeup are stored now. Wanna shout out a big thank you again to my sister-in-law for giving away her desk. It made such a big difference!

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  1. I would love a shelf like that! THe problem is, my desk is in a corner...and I have windows on both sides. Booooo!

  2. i am going to that shelf! do they have it in white?

  3. Yes they have it in white too!


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