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Monday, November 21, 2011

Aldo Burgundy Heels

Hey everyone,

Yesterday, I went to the outlet mall with my family and knowing me, everytime I go shopping, I always come home with stuff.
We stopped by the Aldo store and I saw a couple boots that I liked but they were still pretty expensive so I decided not to get any but when I stumbled upon these heels and saw that they were reasonably marked down for $49.98, I grabbed these babies.

What I like about these shoes:
  • The color, obviously! Most shoe colors are typically black, brown, or grey so I try to avoid those because I need more color selection as far as my shoe collection goes. I absolutely love the color combo in this pair.
  • They mold perfectly around my feet
  • The heel is about 4.5 inches. Yes, kinda high but the platform helps alleviate the torture and I also like that the platform isn't huge or too curvy.
  • They look edgy but still appropriate for office. I usually go for versatile styles so that I can wear them to work or on a night out.
  • They don't look cheap, lol, at least not to me. I hate buying shoes that look cheap by that I mean poorly made or the material lack quality.
  • They are true to size. I'm a size 8.
If you are interested you can try to find these in stores or purchase them online at

FYI, I am not paid to advertise. Just want to share with people who love shoes like I do.

Do you shop at Aldo? Where do you buy your shoes from?

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