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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick Swatches - Violet Frenzy, Raspberry Bite, Va Va Violet

Violet Frenzy was from one of the recent Revlon collection, which I don't know the name, lol. I just know that I spotted it next to the Facets of Fuchsia nail polish and thought the color looked pretty in the tube so I just had this urge to own it. The formula is a bit sheer and glossy. It's a pretty and wearable pinkish purple. These Revlon lipsticks retail for about $7-8 depending on where you purchase them. I am not sure if this shade is limited edition.

The first time I tried Raspberry Bite on my lips, I was like Oh My Gawwwd! The color, pigmentation, and formula is amazing. I love the consistency of this lipstick. It felt very luxurious and velvety. One thing I notice about Revlon Superlustrous lipsticks is that they tend to be inconsistent as far as formula goes. This one is amazing and the color is very fun to wear.

Va Va Violet is a dark vampy purple. I was hoping the color payoff would be more opaque but it is much lighter than it looks in the tube. I am slightly disappointed that the formula feels a bit gossy. I don't really like that in dark colors because they tend to settle into the lip lines, apply unevenly, and make dry lips look more obvious.


  1. LOVEEE!!! You have a fantastic eye for lippies!

  2. What color is the last picture of lipstick? I've been on the hunt for so long! Is it the VA VA Violet thank you so much I love it


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