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Friday, November 11, 2011

Lush Haul With Some LE Holiday Products

I'm so excited to see new holiday products. I obviously wanted to try them out.

I purchased two Australian Igloo. Ain't that funny that they are called Australian? Anyways, this sugar scrub smells soooo damn goooood! I left them on my desk for a few days and the scent was very therapeutic. This scrub has a blend of Siberian pine, Australian eucalyptus, and sandalwood oils. It smells clean, fresh, and I also detect a hint of coconut in it...ooooo I love it. I wish they made a soap that smelled like this.

The Jilted Elf is a shower jelly soap. This is my first time trying jelly soap and it was pretty cool. It feels just like jello, lol. The good thing is that it actually holds its shape pretty good in the shower. I prefer to just break a little piece out and lather it up on the sponge. I wouldn't say the scent is amazing but it is interesting and smells just a cocktail drink. It actually contains Vodka in it. They say it is supposed to be good for the skin. There is also tiny glitters in this jelly soap, however they don't stick to your skin either.

Buche de Noel. The last time I was there, they were sold out. So I made another stop at Lush during the Sephora VIB sale yesterday and luckily they have just received the shipment. I really wanted to try this facial cleanser. The sale associate said that this product sells out fast and is quite popular during the Holiday season. It comes wrapped up like a sushi roll with this seaweed sheet around it. It smells like a delicious cupcake. The dough kinda looks like it too. It contains ground almond and dried cranberries. I washed my face with it this morning and it feels very gentle and moisturizing. I definitely will restock on this before the season is over.

I love trying out Lush's facial masks. My favorite so far is the Love Lettuce but I wanted to try something new so I picked up the Catastrophe mask. It contains blueberries and smells just like fresh blueberries. Can't wait to try it. This is permanent so you can get it at any time.

At last but not least, I asked for a couple free samples to try. I wasn't too sure about how I felt about the Glogg shower gel. It smells like spice and I don't usually care to smell spicy. It is also a limited edition Holiday product. The Almond Coconut is a body wash that looks like smoothie. It has a soft sweet scent and is a permanent product. The sales associate told me how much she loved mixing Glogg and Almond Coconut together. I guess I'm gonna have to find out tonight in my shower if I like it too.

That's it for my Lush haul. Did any of you try the new Holiday products? Which ones do you like? I was debating if I should get a Holiday soap.

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  1. I'm planning to pick up most of my Christmas presents for my cousins from Lush! Australian Igloo looks really cute and I really want to see how it smells :) I still have some stuff from Lush left over from my last haul so I think I'll refrain from buying anything for myself :(


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