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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Hauling - New Drugstore Products, Clearance Sales, Urban Decay, and A Surprise Present :)

Before I start getting into my haul, I just want to wish you all a happy and beautiful new year. I can't believe how fast the year went by. I guess I'm gonna have to take a glance back at 2011 and move forward to 2012 and reflect on a few things I want to change or accomplish. Perhaps that will be on a future post. For new year's eve, I'm not doing anything. Just staying at home with my kids. I managed to get some drinks so I can sober up in the safety and comfort of home, hehehe. Yes, I'm more of a home buddy and there is no place like home.

I did some more shopping in the last couple days and today. Ever since November, I have been hauling like no tomorrow. Holiday deals are the best and then the after holiday clearance are even better. That's why I'm still shopping. :D

I went to Walgreens but I didn't find anything of interest in the clearance section. However, they did have a few new products on display and none of them were on sale. Bummer! Anyways, I couldn't wait any longer to try these out so I bought 2 Maybelline Color Tattoo and 2 L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows. I'm going to test these out and if I like them, I might get a few more shades when they go on sale. Each of these retails between $6 to $8, depending on where you buy them.
The Color Tattoos are cream eyeshadows and the Infallible eyeshadows are a hybrid powder cream shadows similar to Giorgio Armani Eyes Intense to Kill. I'm quite excited to see the drugstore brands coming up with makeup similar to high end. Let's hope they perform just as well.

I went back to CVS again to see what else I can get from the clearance sale. Didn't find anything I really want but I grabbed the Burt's Bees Lip balm and Cuticle cream set for $4.99. I also noticed that Revlon came up with this new line of nail polish ColorStay Longwear, which retails for about $8! Wow, they are getting as expensive as OPI and Essie. Lucky for me, CVS had it on sale for $4.99 so I picked up Blue Slate, a dusty blue color.

I also made a trip to Ulta because they usually have a pretty good clearance selection after Christmas.

Ulta Purchases
  • Burt's Bee Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo hair treatment, on clearance for $6.74
  • Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner, on clearance for $6.74
  • Ulta Eye Crayon Set, on clearance for $7.99
  • Revlon nail polish: Blushed, Hushed Blush, and Touch of Mauve, on clearance for $2.49 each
  • LA Splash Metallic Cream Shadow Aphrodite, $6.99.

Hauling from Sally Beauty Supply
  • Femme Couture lipstick Sanghi Red, on clearance for $1.99
  • Femme Couture lipstick Sweet Mocha, on clearance for $2.49
  • Nail Clipper, on clearance for $0.29
  • Palladio Lip Liner Bright Red, on clearance for $0.99
  • Finger Paints Sparkle top coat, $3.79
  • Out the Door Northern Lights hologram top coat, $5.99.

I was the most intrigued by the Out The Door top coat. I hear good reviews about it and I just wanted to try a new top coat. However, the Northern Light has something extra in the bottle...very fine holographic glitters! The glitters are sitting at the bottom of the bottle but once you shake it up, the sparkles fill up the bottle. The holographic sparkles are very subtle but it's there.

Then after, shopping I came home to two packages! Yay! One of them I didn't expect at all, which was quite a pleasant surprise!

The one I knew I was going to receive is my order from Urban Decay that I placed on Wednesday night. It arrived already! Woah! Super duper happy with the quick shipping!
If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Luuux, you may have seen that I placed this order because I got an unbeatable deal on the Book of Shadows IV. The BOS4 was originally $64.00, currently on sale for $44.00 but with the coupon code I used, MYGLAM11, I was able to get $15.00 off, so this palette ended up costing me just $29.00. Initially, I didn't want to get this palette because they charged so much for the extras that I didn't need, such as the USB cable, speaker, and pop up butterflies. However, getting it for $29.00, HECK YESSS! I'm totally getting more bangs for my bucks!
I ordered the UDPP Greed, which was on sale for $10.00 because I needed to reach at least $35.00 in order to get free shipping. I also receive a free mini eyeliner in the shade Whiskey. I think this eyeliner shade was exclusive only to the Naked palette.

And finally, the unexpected package came from Yaz, who won my recent giveaway on Luuux. I totally didn't expect her to send me anything but woah it was super sweet of her to want to do this anyways. And everything she sent me is something I don't already own, woo hoo! Gets me even more excited!
What she sent me:
  • Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Eyeshadow Quad. I have never seen this PF eyeshadow before. What a cute packaging! I love the colors too! Can't wait to try.
  • A mirror
  • Milani Jewel Silver nail polish. Silver glitters in a clear base.
  • Milani Jewel Gold nail polish. Gold glitters in a clear base.
  • Revlon Princess nail polish. Foiled silver blue.
  • Revlon Innocent nail polish. Foiled baby pink.
  • A cute thank you card
Thank you so much Yaz for sending more goodies my way. You really didn't have to but I much appreciate your thoughtfulness and I love everything you sent me.

That is it for this huge haul. What clearance items have you hauled recently? How are you spending new year's eve?

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Icing Flower Hinged Cuff

On my last trip to the mall, while I was also picking up a couple beauty items at Icing, I spotted this flower bracelet. I thought the design was so cute! I like the details. At first, I was debating if I should get it or not because it looks very girly! And since I'm not a very young lady anymore, I tend to prefer more mature looking jewelry, hahah...I don't even know if that makes sense.
Anyways, I decided to get it because a part of me is still girly, lol. So this is something I'd probably wear on my casual days or whenever I feel like it.

Price: $14.50.

What do you think? Would you wear something like this? What style of jewelry do you prefer?

China Glaze Swatch - Mistletoe Me!

This is my third and free polish that I got from the China Glaze Holiday polishes exclusive only at Ulta. Mistletoe Me! is a foiled/metallic fuchsia that I find very pretty but then again I suppose some may not like this type of finish. The consistency of the polish was rather thick and very pigmented. I could've got away with just one coat but I like it much better with two. I didn't find it streaky either. It does dry a bit faster than the average polish though. It photographs beautifully and I'm really digging it.
This polish is limited edition but you may still be able to get it at Ulta since it is fairly new.

What do you think of foil polishes? Love it or leave it? Which is your favorite?

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China Glaze Swatch - Ultamate Holiday

Ultamate Holiday is another China Glaze exclusive to Ulta. This is also limited edition. Last I checked, Ulta still have quite a few of these in stock. The color of this polish is a fine gold/green and holographic glitters in a clear base. I almost didn't pick this up because I've already have a few glittery gold polishes but considering the buy two get one free deal, I just had to get it.
I'm actually glad that I did because it looks nothing like my other gold glitter polishes. The surface is slightly gritty but with a top coat, it can smooth out the texture.
I applied two coats on the swatches and as you can see, it covered my nails pretty well. I forgot to do a swatch with a top coat on as it looks a lot sparklier with it.

What did you wear on your nails during the holidays?

China Glaze Swatch - Fireside Glow

Here's another glitter polish to tickle my fancy. I spotted this polish at Ulta and I believe it is an Ulta exclusive and limited edition. It's a beautiful rose gold and holographic fine glitters in a clear base. You can actually get a good opaque coverage in two coats because it just has that much glitter in there. The application was also easy and trouble free. The glitters were very sparkly as well. It has just a very slight grittiness to it but once you use a topcoat, it smoothes out the texture.
I like this polish but I don't love it. I guess if you like the color and don't mind wearing glitters, this would make a nice addition to your stash. I was fortunate that Ulta has a buy 2 get one free promo, otherwise I might have not picked this one up.

Did you pick any of these Ulta exclusive polishes?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

After Chritmas Hauling. Yep, I'M Still Shopping :D

Ok, I admit, I'm an obsessive compulsive shopper and sales are how they get me. I found out through a friend (Hello Lisa!) that Lush was having their once a year sale only in one day, which happens to be the day after Christmas. Lush has sales?! For real? For only one day!? Oh come on not fair! At least have it twice a year. When I got to the mall, it was packed! It's just as bad as Christmas eve. Long lines, crowd everywhere. And one of the funny thing is every once in a while, security would card me, lol, because you have to be at least 21 to be wandering off there without a parent or guardian...I'm like seriously?
Anyways, moving on to my haul.

Everything that I picked from Lush was buy one get one free
  • Two Abombinable bath bombs, $6.95
  • Two Australian Igloo Sugar Scrubs, $5.95
  • Two Honey I Washed the Kids soaps, $10.21
  • Two Alkmaar soaps, $13.32

I don't know about you guys but I think Icing has a pretty cute nail polish selection and their cosmetics are always buy one get one half off. When I spotted the baked eyeshadow, I felt like I needed to get it, lol. It's called Bronze Me Baby ($5.50). It's like a bronzed plum color. I'm surprized it was the only color they had. So for my half off item, I went with a nude gold polish called Skinny Dipping Beauty ($2.25). I swear these Icing polishes looks just like China Glaze and the quality is not bad either. I wouldn't be surprised if China Glaze was making polishes for them.

It's that time of the year where I stock up on my signature perfume. It is handsdown the most amazing and sexiest scent I have ever smelled and I have been using it for the past two years. I purchased Givenchy Very Irresistible Eau De Parfum set from Macy's for $80.00. I know it is expensive but the perfume will last me the entire year and I still have a little bit left from the set I bought last year. The eau de parfum is quite potent so a little goes a long way. I used to wear the eau de toilette and I find that the scent is pretty much gone after a couple hours. On the other hand, the eau de parfum will last all day. The 1.7 oz bottle alone cost $75.00 so for 5 bucks more I get the lotion, body wash, and mini spray perfume. Holidays are the perfect time to stock up on your favorite perfume. Do you have a signature scent? If so which one is it.

I went to Forever 21 Accessory store and bought two pair of eyelashes, $2.80 each. These are by far, my favorites! The band is soft and flexible but not flimsy. These lashes are made to perfection. They look full and natural and I love how they flare out on the outter corner.


I stopped by TJ Maxx in hopes to find more eyeshadows from theBalm but there was mostly skincare products left, which I wasn't too sure since I never hear anyone talk about their skincare line. Perhaps I should just google some reviews and go back if the reviews are good. While I didn't find what I initially intended to, I saw a few Essie mini nail polish sets and decided to get the Summer Collection set. I know this is so last summer but good savings come to those who wait. The original retail price for this set was $17.00 but on sale at TJ for $9.99. Not bad. I really like the colors in this set. They are so summery! hehe.

So that's it for my haul for now...LOL...I'm still looking out for deals so I can have another reason to shop. Holla back if you know any sales I should check out! :D

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OPI Swatch - Bronzed to Perfection

Bronzed to Perfection is another polish that I scooped on Ulta's Clearance rack for $4.99.  When I first saw it, I was like oooo, that is a pretty orange brown color that I don't have! What's also interesting about this shade is that it as gold and copper shimmers in it. The first coat is somewhat sheer but it goes on opaque on the second coat, as pictured. The swatches are pretty accurate.
The name of this shade reminds me of summer but I think it would also make a nice fall color as well.
I think it's a gorgeous shade and I'm even happier that I was able to get it for cheaper.


OPI Swatch - Bling Dynasty

This is a polish that I picked up at Ulta from their clearance section for $4.99. Bling Dynasty is from OPI's Hong Kong collection which came out last year. At first, I was debating if I should get it or not but considering that I have no gold polish like this one and the fact that it was on sale, made the decision a little easier.
I had a hard time capturing an accurate swatch of this polish. It's a shimmery burnished gold polish that I find quite pretty. The color is actually a bit more mutted than pictured.  The first coat was sheer, the second coat was better, but you'd probably need a 3rd coat if you want it to be opaque.
I did 3 coats on the pictures.
Overall, nice to have if you like this type of gold on your nails.

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