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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lush Haul From Last Weekend

I failed to mention that when I was at Macy's last weekend, I also managed to pick a few more Lush goodies. I picked up a back up of Buche De Noel since it is limited edition and will be taken off the shelves after Christmas. I've really been enjoying this face cleanser. It feels just like Angels on Bare Skin but smells like Almond cookies. I was in need of soaps and was tempted to grab Honey I Washed The Kids again but decided to try something new.

Almond Coconut Smoothie looks like a thick pina colada smoothie, lol. It smells sweet and delicious! In case you didn't know, this is a soap. Just scoop a little bit on a sponge and lather up.

Snowcake is a limited edition product and only available till Christmas. The scent is hard to describe. I smell a hint of floral and sweetness but the fragrance of this soap is soft and subtle.

Alkmaar soap looks like a big block of white play dough, lol. It may not be the prettiest looking soap out there but it does smells very nice. It smells yummy like coconut to me (similar to Almond Coconut smoothie but less sweet) but on Lush's website they say it is infused with honeysuckle and jasmine.

I'm not much of a bath type of person. I like to get in and out quick, lol, so I mostly shower which is why my purchases are mainly shower products.

What is your favorite Lush product?

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