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Friday, December 23, 2011

Deals and Steals - Fashion Haul

I tried to not haul any clothing because I'm trying to lose weight first but I caved in when I saw how big of a discount these were. When it comes to clothes, I usually don't purchase brand names. I go for items that fit my style, sales and clearance, and of course I also look for quality. Just because the price is cheap doesn't mean I'm going to sacrifice on quality. I always look for bargains.
I don't really keep up with the trends but my style is a variation of simplicity, classy, casual, feminine, and fashionable. I love changing my colors and would wear anything that I find appealing. I tend to wear solid colors more often than prints though. I think they are easier to pull off.
I bought 2 sweater dresses from Dots. They were BOGO 50% off and I had a $10.00 coupon. I also purchased 2 pairs of colored tights, which aren't pictured. My total came up to about $32.00 for 4 items! Which is pretty awesome. The sweater dresses retails for $20.00 but combine the sale and coupon for an amazing deal! Yes, don't forget to use your coupons because they really can help you save, especially during the holidays, you need to make those savings count. I shop at Dots occasionally. I may be a bit too old to rock some of their clothings but they do have certain things that I find appropriate for my age and their prices are also pretty good. Not all of their clothings are great quality but they do have some good ones.

The first one that caught my eyes was this pretty raspberry sweater dress with a scoop neck. I'm a sucker for this type of color and I made sure I picked this one up.

The second sweater dress is a burnt orange with a V neck. It's a bit bright but I have no color like this one in my wardrobe. I wore it the other day at work. I will post a picture of it on myself in a different post.
What I love about these two sweater dresses is that they fit perfectly and are knee-length, which makes them appropriate for work. The fabric on these dresses are also nice and doesn't look or feel cheap.

I stopped by Maurices and saw that they had a quite a few selection for half off. It's one of my favorite store because their style is totally right up my alley and their prices are reasonable. I usually hit up the clearance/sale's rack there because you can get fashionable, quality, clothing for cheap! I spotted this pale pink cardigan on sale for $14.50! I love cardigans! They are great for layering. I love wearing pink too. It's very girly and feminine.

I'm also a sucker for anything lace! I think lace is sexy, lol. However, this white top with black lace trim is more chic than provocative. Sales price $13.00 at Maurices.

Too bad this mauve ruffled chiffon scarf was not on sale so I actually paid full price for it, $14.00. It was the last one on the rack too so, haha, I didn't want to leave it behind. The scarves that I previously bought before were usually below $10.00 but since this one is so pretty I didn't mind the full price, which was still decent. I can already see myself rocking this scarf with the raspberry sweater dress above. Excited! I'm gonna have to do an OOTD post with those two together.

I got this pair of earrings at Maurices also. They are different and a little more fancy-looking than the other feather earrings that I own. When the cashier run it up, it was BOGO but I told her that they had set it right underneath the 40% off sign so she honored that and gave me 40% off for them so I paid $7.20.

While I was shopping at TJ Maxx, I found this long grey cardigan for $20.00. What I love about long cardigans is that they are very flattering and make you look slimmer, especially if you pair them leggings and heels.

Found any good deals on clothes? If so, please share were you find your bargains!

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