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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Deborah Lippman Get this Party Started Swatches

I purchased this set not long ago from during their friends and family sale so I got these amazing polishes for 20% off so I paid $33.60, which they were originally $42.00. I've always wanted to give this brand a try but considering the price I waited for a sale to have an opportunity.
If you would like to see close up pictures of how the glitters look like in the bottle, please view the haul post. Otherwise, here are the swatches on my nails.

Happy Birthday looks like a party in a bottle. It has multi-colored glitters small and large in a clear base. I've seen a few similar polishes such as the OPI Rainbow Connection, Milani Jewel, and NYX Multi Glitter. Similar I say but probably not exact. I did two coats on the swatch.


Candy Shop has a pink jelly-like base with similar or same glitters as in Happy Birthday. Hard to tell if there is a difference in the glitters since they kind of look the same to me. I applied two coats and the base color covered the nails very well.

I actually wore Forget You this week. It has a black jelly-like base with small and large multi-colored glitters. I had minor chipping at the tips of my nail within a few days. Like the latter one, I also applied two coat and got a pretty opaque coverage.
I really enjoyed staring at my nails this week, lol. This polish is so pretty and fun to wear. It's just not your typical black polish but one with a lot of oomph!

Overall the consistency and formula of these polishes were excellent I say! The glitters applied well. The formula was slightly on the thicker side but still very easy to work with. You get a pretty decent amount of glitters in two coats and the colored based weren't too sheer or too dark....Just perfect! Although you may see a lot of glitter polishes that look similar to these, there is a noticeable quality and feel to these polishes. I can honestly say they are some of the best glitter polishes I've tried so you are getting your money worth. However, if you find that buying this set is a bit too much, you could get away with just Happy Birthday and layer it on top of any color of your choice.

Do you have any DL polishes? If so which shade do you have?

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